“It was devaluing gay men’s lives and health not to warn gay men,” he said. “Now, here we are, really on the verge of monkeypox being endemic in gay communities all over the world, and how is that for stigma?”

Piling on the hysteria, the far-left city of San Francisco has decided not only to distribute monkeypox vaccines, but to do it based upon racial preference in the name of vaccine equity, reported the Daily Caller.

“Latinx men, Latino men in San Francisco are disproportionately impacted,” Dr. Susan Philip, a health officer for the City and County of San Francisco, said.

“So we’re working with our community organizations to give them appointment slots where people don’t have to wait in line and we are trying to achieve vaccine equity that way so everyone has a chance to get the vaccine.”

Per Philip, the aim of such campaigns is to ensure that people don’t realize that LGBT practices are more likely to result in the transmission of various diseases, including HIV/AIDS and monkeypox.

“From day one we were thinking about stigma and particularly this city, with its history of HIV/AIDS activism and advocacy from the community and alongside the Department of Public Health and our academic partners at UCSF, this is something we always think about,” she said.