Missouri Ends Abortion as Last Planned Parenthood Has ‘No Abortion Appointments’

'We must make the womb a safe place once again...'

Missouri became the first state to end abortion, as the last Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis has “no abortion appointments…for months, and none are available anytime in the foreseeable future,” Liberty Counsel reported.

“Every person has a right to life, and this includes the most vulnerable child in the womb. We must make the womb a safe place once again,” Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver.

The Planned Parenthood in St. Louis has a license to kill and extract unborn babies from the womb.

But the Missouri legislature passed and Gov. Mike Parson signed into law in 2019 an act that outlaws abortions after eight weeks gestation. The law does not offer abortion exemptions for babies who were conceived in acts of incest or rape.

Instead of performing abortions according to Missouri’s law, the St. Louis Planned Parenthood refers pregnant women to a facility in Illinois, where abortion laws allow for the killing of unborn children after eight weeks.

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The information on abortion laws comes from Operation Rescue’s “The Status of American Abortion Facilities in 2020.”

This report also found that the number of abortion-performing facilities in the United States fell from 751 in 20019 to 706 in 2020.

Nine abortion facilities closed in New York, three in Washington State, and two in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Texas.

More abortion centers were established in California, Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming have one abortion facility each.

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