Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Michigan GOP the Latest in a String of Anti-Right Vandalism Attacks

‘Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) The Michigan Republican Party said its headquarters in Lansing was vandalized over the weekend with a profanity spray-painted on the side of the building attacking federal immigration authorities.

Although cameras captured the crime occurring overnight between Friday and Saturday, police were unable to identify the culprit based on that alone, reported the news site MLive.

MIGOP Chair Laura Cox posted on Twitter that the graffiti may have been in connection with her previous role as agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

However, Cox may be giving the vandals too much credit in ascribing their motives. The act is just one of many in recent memory that involves presumed leftist radicals defacing both public and private property.

Since 2016, Republican offices in Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Wyoming, Florida and New York are among the documented cases of vandalism (including the use of gunfire), burglary and arson that appear to have been politically motivated.

An attack on the Manhattan’s Metropolitan Republican Club last October, which included spray-painting, gluing locks shut and damaging a keypad at the front entrance, the vandals left a threatening message accusing Republicans of running concentration camps at the southern border and claimed it “shamelessly murders black people.”

The radicals, who sprayed anarchist symbols and also criticized the Democratic Party in their message as “spineless partners-in-crime,” said there would be more to come.

“Our attack is merely a beginning,” said their message. “We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize.”

The latest attack on the Michigan office came as President Donald Trump announced that he would delay by two weeks his previously announced plan for massive deportations, saying it was to give lawmakers an opportunity to fix legislative loopholes in the asylum laws.

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