Saturday, December 9, 2023

Drive-By Media Pre-Emptively Targeting Fla. Judge in Trump Case

'If Cannon wants to, she could most likely place such a huge thumb on the scales of justice that it will be impossible... to convince a jury to convict Trump...'

(Corine GattiHeadline USA) Judge Aileen Cannon, a Donald Trump-appointee, has found herself in the crosshairs of the unhinged, drive-by media after being randomly assigned to handle the former president’s new federal criminal case in Miami.

The Left has already ramped up its media efforts to persecute Cannon before Trump goes through due process. And anything outside of a conviction will end in an unprecedented character assassination, the Daily Caller articulated in a recent editorial.

Democrats unleashed their assault on Cannon through none other than mainstream media in recent days.

Despite an impressive résumé, the New York Times published a hit piece questioning Cannon’s qualifications saying she had “scant experience,” in Trump’s case.

It dismissed a decade of her experience as an assistant U.S. Attorney, working as a corporate lawyer and graduating from the University of Michigan School of Law.

Inaccuracies in the article included a lack of “readiness to handle what is likely to be an extraordinarily complex” case, the Daily Caller noted

An article by Vox, another left-wing media site, indicated that the Democrat base will delegitimize any result other than their preferred one—a conviction of Trump.

“If Cannon wants to, she could most likely place such a huge thumb on the scales of justice that it will be impossible for [Jack] Smith to convince a jury to convict Trump no matter how strong his case may be,” Vox projected.

The Washington Post‘s opinion section recently goaded Cannon to recuse herself from ruling on the Trump-related case—and wrote that Cannon would not be impartial as any decision she makes would be viewed as biased by either side.

As Trump is preparing for his initial court appearance on Tuesday, it’s important to note that Cannon won’t be handling it. Instead, a magistrate judge will take charge. However, as time passes, Cannon is expected to be in control of the case in the months ahead.

That being said, Cannon, who had earlier experience in the case after overseeing the appointment of a special master to review the purloined Mar-a-lago materials, took the early step Thursday by issuing an order telling the lawyers who would need security clearances to get them, CNN reported.

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