Friday, March 1, 2024

McCloskeys Trash St. Louis’s Soros D.A.: ‘Dumber than a Sack of Hammers’

'We got leapfrogged over 6,000 other cases, other serious felonies... '

(Headline USA) Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis-based attorneys who were prosecuted for defending their home against Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020, blasted St. Louis District Attorney Kim Gardner for “politically persecuting” them.

Gardner charged the McCloskeys with felony unlawful use of a weapon after they confronted rioters outside their home while holding firearms. The McCloskeys maintained that they acted in self defense.

A judge tossed the charges against the McCloskeys after determining Gardner “initiated a criminal prosecution for political purposes” — following reports that she used the case in fundraising emails.

Gardner, who is “dumber than a sack of hammers, according to Mark McCloskey, then charged the couple with misdemeanor charges. After they pleaded guilty, the Missouri Bar Association asked the state Supreme Court to suspend their law licenses. The Missouri Supreme Court agreed, only to later put them on probation for one year.

Now that the one year is up, the McCloskeys are letting loose on the Missouri officials who punished them for defending their home.

“The only unforgivable crime in America is standing up against the Left,” Mark McCloskey told Fox News. “We knew that when we saw the video [of the clash with BLM]… that it was too big of an event for the left to avoid punishing us for it.”

Mark McCloskey blasted Gardner for ignoring real crime while making a target out of two law-abiding citizens. 

“In our case, we were [considered by Gardner] the worst criminals in St. Louis – despite the 262 murders we had in 2020 – by standing on our front porch and defending ourselves. We got leapfrogged over 6,000 other cases, other serious felonies,” Mark said. 

He said the “good news” is that “we don’t owe anybody anything.”

“There’s nothing they can do to us. And they can try to cancel us all that they want to,” Mark said. “But I’m going to be… saying the truth… But we anticipate that they will continue to try to find ways to make our lives miserable.”

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