Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Massachusetts Rolls Out A $12M Red Carpet To Resettle Afghan Refugees

'This has been the most intense period of resettlement that we’ve ever experienced... '

(Gregg Pupecki, Headline USAAccording to a new law, Massachusetts taxpayers are on the hook to spend $12 million to resettle Afghan refugees from President Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. RINO Gov. Charlie Baker quietly signed into law a bill that is a wind fall for immigration and refugee nonprofit groups in the state.

The move is part of a larger $20 million taxpayer obligation which includes $8 million for Haitian refugees, according to Boston.com.

“Massachusetts is one of a few states to provide local money to support federally-funded resettlement efforts,” reported the Associated Press. After Baker signed the bill, the number of Afghan Nationals destined for the Bay State magically increased from an announced 1,100 to possibly over 2,000. Massachusetts is on track to take in more Afghan Nationals than any other New England state.

“Neighboring New Hampshire is expected to take in more than 150 Afghans, Vermont and Maine roughly 250 each, Connecticut more than 600 and Rhode Island more than 300,” according to the AP.

Meanwhile California, the most populist state in the union, is only projected to take in around 5,200.   

Among other cash benefits, “newly arrived Afghans also have access to mental health support, food and clothing, English as a second language courses, health insurance and school enrollment for children,” according to GBH News. “The support begins before families even arrive, with groups and volunteers helping to set up apartments and pick up families at the airport.”

A large part of this funding will be funneled through nonprofit groups like the International Institute of New England which benefit greatly on the volume of refugees they resettle.  

The group is one of the largest refugee resettlement organizations in the state.  Their website states, “We create opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship.”

Jeffrey Thielman, President and CEO of the organization told the AP, “This has been the most intense period of resettlement that we’ve ever experienced.”

In fact, refugees are big money to organizations like this. Their website says, “IINE’S GOAL IS TO RESETTLE 10,000 REFUGEES IN NEW ENGLAND BY 2025.” They make over $900 per newly arrived refugee and receive millions in federal grants.

The organization has 50 full-time employees, according to the website. Thielman’s reported salary is over $204,000 a year and his ‘nonprofit’ doles out a whopping $3.8 million in executive compensation and other salaries.

The Afghan refugee receives a one-time payment of $1,125.  

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