Thursday, February 29, 2024

Loeffler Blasts WNBA After Players Wear Shirts Supporting Her Opponent

'This is just more proof that the out of control cancel culture wants to shut out anyone who disagrees with them...'

After players on the WNBA team co-owned by Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler were seen wearing shirts in support of her Senate challenger this week, Loeffler slammed the league for caring more about politics than basketball.

“This is just more proof that the out-of-control cancel culture wants to shut out anyone who disagrees with them. It’s clear that the league is more concerned with playing politics than basketball,” Loeffler said in a statement. “It’s sad to see that there’s more interest in tearing our country apart than in solutions that bring us together. I’ll continue to defend American values and our flag, because this is not a game – it’s the future of our country.”

Players on the Atlanta Dream, which Loeffler co-owns, posted pictures of themselves wearing shirts supporting Raphael Warnock, a Democrat running for Loeffler’s seat, encouraging Georgians to vote against Loeffler:

Other WNBA teams, including the Phoenix Mercury and the Chicago Sky, wore “Vote Warnock” shirts as well.

This isn’t the first scuffle Loeffler has had with her team.

Last month, she objected to the WNBA’s plans to honor the Black Lives Matter movement, so the Atlanta Dream’s players issued a statement in which they asserted their right to support BLM.

Loeffler, however, refused to back down and warned the WNBA and the Atlanta Dream that “to subscribe to a particular political agenda,” such as BLM, “undermines the potential of the sport and sends a message of exclusion.”

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