Saturday, May 25, 2024

Libs of TiKTok Creator Gives Massive ‘Middle Finger’ to Leftists

‘I’m not hiding, and I’m not scared of whatever they try to throw at me to stop me from exposing them...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Chaya Raichik, creator of the massively popular and influential Libs of TikTok account, explained this week why she decided to publicly reveal her face, after remaining anonymous under constant threats from the compassionate Left’s doxxing and vile harassment campaigns.

Since she started her social media account, Raichik has been hated by leftists, even though the only “transgression” she’s committed has been re-posting and sharing the insanity and dangerous delusions being peddled by the far-Left.

After alleged journalist Taylor Lorenz doxxed Raichik, the intimidation and harassment, including multiple death threats, escalated and she remained anonymous, even as the popularity and reach of Libs of TiTok surged. Raichick decided to go public this week during a blockbuster interview with Tucker Carlson.

In Raichik’s Substack update, she wrote that when her account first started getting attention, she was “relieved” to be anonymous.

“… the Left was brazen with their threats of violence against people they disagree with, including me.”

Raichik said she decided to become a public figure because she wanted to protect children from the leftist agenda.

“Staying behind a screen and restricted to 240 characters on Twitter just isn’t enough anymore to counteract the rampant issues with the Left’s agenda in America,” she wrote. “It’s not an easy thing to reveal your face to millions of people, especially considering the number of death threats I receive.”

Raichik said that revealing her face was the equivalent of “flipping a bird” to leftists, including journalists, who mocked her for being afraid.

“I’m not hiding, and I’m not scared of whatever they try to throw at me to stop me from exposing them,” Raichik wrote.

She said she will be “more effective out in the open, teaching others how they can make a difference in this cultural war.” Raichik said she plans to continue fighting for the kids by going against the “deep, dark, and systemic … targeting of our children.”

In a previous interview with the Daily Wire, Raichik said that she never wanted Libs of TikTok to go viral.

“People think that I started this and I had this whole plan and I wanted to harass people on the Left,” she said. “[They think] I had this whole agenda… I was just having fun.”

However, while she was searching for funny clips of leftists spewing nonsense, she realized that their rhetoric may destroy this country if people aren’t going to fight back.

She said that the reason leftists hate her is that she shows them their true colors.

“You’re holding up a mirror,” she said. “I think they feel threatened.”

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