Liberals Call For Boycott of Hobby Lobby After Pro-Trump Sign Found in Store

'I had to wash off the stink of hypocrisy and Christianity when I got home....'

Liberals are demanding that customers boycott Hobby Lobby after a pro-Trump sign was found in one of its U.S. stores.

After a user posted a picture of decorative letters arranged to read “USA Vote Trump” in one of the store’s aisles, leftist activists began attacking the company, even though it is unclear whether the letters were arranged by a customer or by an employee.

The arts-and-crafts chain has been identified as a right-wing supporter largely due to the Christian values espoused by its owners, David and Barbara Green.

The Supreme Court defended Hobby Lobby’s right to exclude contraceptives from its insurance coverage in 2014, ruling that the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

That, alone, has put it on the radical left’s wish list for cancellation—although past efforts to boycott pro-Christian chains like Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger have backfired.

“I’ve been in a Hobby Lobby one time,” said one Twitter user reacting to the photo. “The Jesus music was just too damn much. I had to wash off the stink of hypocrisy and Christianity when I got home.”

Another user complained, “#HobbyLobby will get ZERO and I do mean ZERO of my family’s money. I will not set foot in one EVER again.”

Several other users argued that Hobby Lobby shouldn’t be allowed to remain open because it conscientiously objects to providing contraceptives in its health coverage plan.

Conservatives responded to liberal users’ boycott threats by welcoming them:


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