Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Liberals Freak Out as Lara Trump Lets Dog Rip Apart Pelosi Doll

'This is psychotic'...

Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, posted a video on Twitter on Friday showing her dog tearing up a Nancy Pelosi doll, and liberals immediately cried foul.

In the video, Lara Trump holds up the Nancy Pelosi doll, which is dressed in pearls with an American flag pin, and asks one of her kids, “Hey, Luke, what’s the doll called that Ben has? What do we call this toy?”

Her son replies, “Nancy.”

“Nancy, that’s right,” Lara Trump said as she laughs and hands the toy back to her dog.

Unsurprisingly, liberals were not amused with the Trumps’ joke.

Other users, however, said they wanted the Pelosi doll, too.

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