Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Leftists Peddle Fake News about Greta Thunberg Aiding Arrest of Andrew Tate

'Greta is an absolute legend... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The mainstream media and its leftist collaborators on social media gleefully promoted and parroted a bogus narrative that climate cult idol Greta Thunberg’s cunning was responsible for the arrest of Andrew Tate.

The self-proclaimed misogynist, former kickboxing champion and social media influencer was taken into police custody Thursday in Romania on suspicion of rape, human trafficking and organized crime offenses.

Tate’s arrest came after he had sent a blistering message to Thunberg that contained the image of a pizza box, which Thunberg acolytes claimed led police to Tate’s location after being baited by the climate activist hero.

“yes, please do enlighten me. email me at [email protected],” Thunberg mocked in a response to a Tate post.

Tate fired back with a rant that went viral.

The Left erupted in praise of Thunberg for using her wits to help apprehend an enemy of their radical agenda.

“Not only did Greta Thunberg destroy Andrew Tate with her tweet, she made him so angry he inadvertently tipped off Romanian authorities of his presence in Romania with his lame comeback video,” crowed Alejandra Caraballo, activist writer for Wired and Slate, who proclaimed, “Greta is an absolute legend.”

Other leftists joined in the praise, which turned out to be wholly undeserved and the product of a fake news narrative.

“This is a social media goldmine. Bad dick head gets into fight with courageous teen climate hero, accidentally reveals location, ends up in prison,” explained activist writer Ben Dreyfuss. “I know it’s a compelling story because when I read it in the Daily Beast, I tweeted it.”

The only problem being that the story was totally bogus, fabricated by tweaking original reporting to fit a preconceived leftist narrative.

Dreyfuss dismissed any “conspiracy behind it,” regarding how and why the fake news painting Thunberg as hero was aggressively promoted, but conceded the story “is total bullshit.”

“All of the places ‘reporting’ it are just aggregating speculation that began with this twitter account jumping to a conclusion based on 1 line in a Romanian report,” Dreyfuss wrote.

“Unless Google is missing some Romanian language nuance, this sentence does not say that the police were tipped off by a social media post to his whereabouts, let alone that it was by his video with Greta Thunberg,” he informed. “It says they confirmed it in multiple ways at least some of which involved social media.”

Not that it mattered to confirmed climate alarmists eager to push their agenda and bogus narrative, including the sanctimonious cult leader herself.

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