Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Leftist Scholar Noam Chomsky Admits Trump the Only One for Ukraine Peace

'He didn’t say it, but it was something like George H.W. Bush proposed in the early-90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union... '

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Anarchist academic Noam Chomsky, who taught linguistics at MIT, praised former President Donald Trump for being the “one statesman” who wants to see the Russo-Ukrainian War come to a quick and peaceful conclusion, Breitbart reported.

“Well, there is, fortunately, one statesman in the United States and Europe, a high political figure, who has made a very sensible statement about how you can solve the crisis,” he said in an interview with EduKitchen on YouTube.

Chomsky said that Trump wants to see leaders “facilitating negotiations instead of undermining them” and working toward “mutual accommodation,” rather than oppositional military alliances, among European and Eurasian nations.

Despite calling himself an anarcho-syndicalist or libertarian socialist, Chomsky often sides with the Left in political disputes. But he is consistently anti-war, and the Establishment has embraced the Russo-Ukrainian War as it did the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

Before revealing the name of the “one statesman,” Chomsky described Trump’s proposal for peace in Europe and Eurasia.

“He didn’t say it, but it was something like George H.W. Bush proposed in the early-90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” he said. “[He] proposed what they called a partnership for peace, which would be open for Europeans generally, Eurasians as well.

“It wouldn’t eliminate NATO, but he would live [up] to the promise that NATO would not expand to the east.”

Prior to the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the United States, the European Union, and NATO for a guarantee that Ukraine would not join the Western alliance.

Western leaders refused the assurance, and President Joe Biden even insinuated that Ukraine would soon join NATO.

“So, going back to the one Western statesman, he didn’t mention all of this, but he suggested something similar. Move towards negotiations and diplomacy instead of escalating the war…His name is Donald J. Trump,” Chomsky said.

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