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Leftist Prosecutor Kim Foxx Accused of Slapping Husband, Possible Jussie Copycat Hoax

'If a man in her position had done this, they’d already be gone... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) In the latest round of scandal and alleged malfeasance to seep from Chicago, rad-left Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx last week reportedly took a swing at her husband, landing with a slap to the face, during a domestic dispute that saw her trying to pen her husband in a bathroom.

The George Soros-backed Foxx gained notoriety in 2019 for originally dropping felony charges against since-convicted hate crime fraudster Jussie Smollett, the black, gay and now disgraced former “Empire” actor.

Smollett cost the city of Chicago hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted resources investigating his lie that he was attacked by a racist, homophobic gang of MAGA-loving thugs.

Foxx was blistered in a special prosecutor’s report for how she mishandled the Smollett case, including lying to the public and improperly speaking to a Smollett relative who happened to be a former aide of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Smollett was eventually convicted and sentenced to five months jail time, but served less than a week before being released pending an appeal, much to the delight of Foxx and a bevy of heavyweight leftists. Smollett is reportedly now making lousy music recordings and producing a lousy movie, loose and carefree.

Anybody who knows Chicago politics knows that Foxx, similarly, won’t face any consequences for apparently taking a swing at her husband, a source inside Foxx’s office told Fox News.

“I’m born and raised here in Chicago, I think it’s going to go away. Like everything else,” the source said.

“When the machine Democrats get in trouble, they make it go away.”

After police had respond to Foxx’s home on a domestic disturbance call on June 4, they learned that Foxx’s husband, Kelley, had reported the incident and was claiming his wife had slapped him, according to the South Cook News.

No injuries were recorded and no arrests have been made, but police reports indicated the scene was a chaotic hot mess.

Kelley Foxx alleged that his wife was mad about something he had posted on Facebook; a dispute escalated, leading to Kim Foxx blocking her husband from leaving a bathroom, grabbing him by the collar and trashing one of his video game controllers.

“All that is true,” Kim Foxx was said to have replied at the time, according to one of the responding officer’s report.

Kelley then accused Kim Foxx of slapping him across the face, but the officer reported the he “did not observe and (sic) indicators to support his claim of being struck. There was no redness or swelling visible on his face.”

Reacting with a very Jussie-fied evasiveness when this was brought to his attention, Kelley Foxx told police he wanted to be left alone.

“She can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me,” Kelley said, according to the report. When asked to elaborate, Kelley said his wife was “being aggressive,” adding that “he just wanted it to stop.” 

Kim Foxx conceded that there had been an argument, according to police reports, and she had asked Kelley to leave. She also said “that she did put her hands on Kelley but it was only to help guide him out of the house. She never slapped him (she said),” the officer’s report stated.

The same officer noted that while he was working on a report of the incident, “an investigator from Kimberly Foxx’s executive protection unit, stopped at the Flossmoor Police Department.”

“Richard stated if we need anything we could contact him and he provided his contact number,” the officer reported.

While no charges have been filed, Fox News noted the odd timing of an announcement that a chief investigator in Kim Foxx’s State’s Attorney office had abruptly resigned in the days after the alleged domestic dispute and face slap incident.

According to Fox News, “the timing is suspect due to Kim Foxx’s domestic incident.”

“We all knew about it right when it happened but we were waiting for the corruption to start,” the source from Foxx’s office told Fox News.

“How would they make this go away.”

Twitter wondered the same.

“OMG @SAKimFoxx slapped her husband over a Facebook post,” one tweet read.

“She manages the 2nd largest prosecutor’s office in the United States. If a man in her position had done this, they’d already be gone.”

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