BIAS WATCH: Leftist AP, Yahoo Falsely Claim GOP Struggling w/ J6 Sham

'It's cognitive dissonance. If you believe what Trump says, and now Bill Barr and Trump's own daughter are saying these other things, it creates a crack, and people have to fill it...'

(Headline USA) In a move perfectly emblematic of how fake-news media hacks are contributing to the demise of U.S. democracy, the propagandist Associated Press claimed that House Democrats’ irrelevant and contrived Jan. 6 hearings had left Trump supporters struggling with a cohesive response.

In reality, no response is warranted since the effort to re-litigate the mostly peaceful protest already has been exposed as a partisan political ploy.

Democrats have repeatedly tipped their hand to reveal their disingenuous, bad-faith intentions to use Jan. 6 as a desperate cudgel against Republican campaign rivals.

Among other things, that has involved funding GOP primary candidates who participated in the rally near the U.S. Capitol and may have been on the grounds—under the assumption that they will be political liabilities to the party—while also claiming hyperbollically that those who participated should be considered domestic terrorists.

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At least one candidate, Michigan gubernatorial frontrunner Ryan Kelley, was recently arrested by the FBI for his alleged involvement.

Moreover, Rep. Adam Schiff, a notorious liar/leaker and prominent member of the House’s partisan Jan. 6 committee, was implicated Thursday in the conspiracy to allow a film crew from Stephen Colbert’s late-night comedy show to enter a congressional office building and harrass Republican lawmakers.

Nine crew members, including former Saturday Night Live comedian Robert Smigel, were arrested and charged with unlawful entry—the same charge as many of the Jan. 6 political dissidents.

And Democrats’ decision to hire a producer for its primetime hearings also has been met with considerable derision, underscoring the fact that it, like the previous sham-impeachment of former President Donald Trump, is nothing more than political theater.

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Despite being carried by most major networks, the hearings’ opening night drew only about 20 million total viewers, resulting in lower-than-average ratings for broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS.

NBC decided to pre-empt one of the subsequent hearings by cutting in with a golf tournament.

TV ratings notwithstanding, Republicans continue to dismiss the stunt as even lacking a legitimate legislative purpose since the committee members—all hand picked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.—include no valid representatives of the GOP House minority who are able to counter the bogus claims from its panelists—five Democrats and two non-Democrats—or to cross-examine its witnesses.

Much of the so-called testimony shown to the public was cherrypicked after being culled from hours of videotaped depositions.

Yet mainstream media outlets like the Associated Press and Yahoo News pathetically attempted to spin the narrative on Saturday—pushing the false claim that the hearings were hitting their mark by leaving Republicans speechless and stultified, despite the fact that they have not given Republicans any opportunity to respond.

Yahoo News published the AP’s piece and, surprisingly, left open its comments section—a violation of its own stated policies in recent years to create a “safe” environment through censorship.

After a Headline USA editor attempted to outline a conservative critique of the hearings, however, the reply quickly disappeared from the site with no explanation.

As part of our periodic effort to expose leftist media bias, we are runing the AP’s article below, unedited in its entirety. The opinions expressed in it do not reflect those of Headline USA.

Jan. 6 witnesses push Trump stalwarts back to rabbit hole

Ivanka Trump / House Democrats via AP

(David Klepper, Associated Press) One by one, several of Donald Trump’s former top advisers have told a special House committee investigating his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection that they didn’t believe his lies about the 2020 election, and that the former president knew he lost to Joe Biden.

But instead of convincing Trump’s most stalwart supporters, testimony from former attorney general Bill Barr and Trump’s daughter Ivanka about the election and the attack on the U.S. Capitol is prompting many of them to simply reassert their views that the former president was correct in his false claim of victory.

Barr’s testimony that Trump was repeatedly told there was no election fraud? He was paid off by a voting machine company, according to one false claim that went viral this week. Ivanka Trump saying she didn’t believe Trump either? It’s all part of Trump’s grand plan to confuse his enemies and save America.

The claims again demonstrate how deeply rooted Trump’s false narrative about the election has become.

“It’s cognitive dissonance,” said Jennifer Stromer-Galley, a Syracuse University professor who has studied how Trump used social media and advertising to mobilize his base. “If you believe what Trump says, and now Bill Barr and Trump’s own daughter are saying these other things, it creates a crack, and people have to fill it.”

The lawmakers leading the hearings into the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol said one of their goals is to show how Trump repeatedly lied to his supporters in an effort to hold onto power and subvert American democracy.

“President Trump invested millions of dollars of campaign funds purposely spreading false information, running ads he knew were false, and convincing millions of Americans that the election was corrupt and he was the true president,” said Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., the panel’s vice chair. “As you will see, this misinformation campaign provoked the violence on January 6th.”

For those who accept Trump’s baseless claims, Barr’s testimony was especially jarring. In his interview with investigators, he detailed Trump’s many absurd allegations about the election 2020, calling them “bogus” and “idiotic.”

Barr told the committee when he talked with Trump, “there was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were.”

“He’s become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff,” Barr said.

Following his testimony, many Trump supporters using sites like Reddit, GETTR and Telegram blasted Barr as a turncoat and noted that he’s disputed Trump’s election claims before.

But many others began grasping for alternative explanations for this testimony.

“I’m still hoping Barr is playing a role,” one poster said on a Telegram channel popular with Trump supporters.

One post that spread widely this week suggested Barr was paid by Dominion Voting Systems, a company targeted by Trump and his supporters with baseless claims of vote rigging. “From 2009 to 2018, DOMINION PAID BARR $1.2 million in cash and granted him another $1.1 million in stock awards, according to SEC filings. (No wonder Barr can’t find any voter fraud!),” the post read.

Wrong Dominion. Barr was paid by Dominion Energy, a publicly traded company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, that provides power and heat to customers in several mid-Atlantic states.

Unlike Barr, Ivanka Trump has remained intensely popular with many Trump supporters and is seen by many as her father’s potential successor. That may be why so many had to find an an alternative explanation for why she told Congress she didn’t accept her father’s claims.

Jordan Sather, a leading proponent of the QAnon theory, claims both Barr and Ivanka Trump lied during their testimony on Trump’s orders, part of an elaborate scheme to defeat Trump’s enemies by confusing Congress and the American public.

“I can just imagine Donald Trump telling Ivanka: ’Hey, go to this hearing, say these things. Screw with their heads,’” Sather said last week on his online show.

Some Trump supporters dismissed Ivanka Trump’s testimony entirely by questioning whether any of it was real. That’s another common refrain seen on far-right message boards. Many posters say they don’t even believe the hearings are happening, but are a Hollywood production starring stand-ins for the former president’s daughter and others.

“She looks different in a big way,” one poster asked on Telegram. “CGI?”

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press

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