Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Klaus Schwab Openly Pushes WEF Shill as Paraguay President

'Of course, we would be delighted if a YGL [Young Global Leader] would come out as a winner of the election...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) World Economic Forum leader and globalist Klaus Schwab openly promoted a leftist Paraguay’s presidential candidate — one of the WEF’s hand-picked “Young Global Leaders” — to replicate a Brazil-style pre-election “coup.”

According to National File, a team of Brazilian hackers tied to that country’s openly communist and narco-linked president are now under investigation in Paraguay. The news source stated that they intend to hack and rig the nation’s electronic election on behalf of the WEF ticket.

The Paraguayan campaign of Presidential nominee Efrain Alegre and Vice Presidential nominee Maria Soledad Nuñez Mendez of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) are backed by both Brazilian election hackers and the WEF, with Klaus Schwab as its leader.

National File was also able to obtain an email, in which Schwab openly supported Mendez and the PLRA’s left-wing ticket, which seeks to completely overhaul the nation of Paraguay, pushing it into the “Great Reset” while geopolitically moving it toward Communist China (CCP).

“Of course, we would be delighted if a YGL [Young Global Leader] would come out as a winner of the election,” Schwab wrote, adding that he’d also copied Marisol Argueta to the message chain, “who is our head of Regional Agenda for Latin America, to follow up.”

In another correspondence/address to Mendez, Schwab thanks Mendez for her attendance at the “13th World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Sao Paulo, Brazil,” before admitting that the World Economic Forum is using the nation of Paraguay to “lay the foundations” of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Schwab added in the letter that Paraguay and other nations will have to undergo “economic, political, and technological transformations” to get there. These “transformations” have been demonstrated in numerous countries that the WEF has involved itself. Among those “transformations” are the installation of left-wing governments and the destruction of civil liberties.

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