Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Kirk Cameron Releases Book about Deadly Sins During ‘Pride’ Month

'Take back your children...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) While woke companies like Target and Bud Light push LGBT propaganda for the upcoming “Pride” month, Kirk Cameron, a Christian actor, is going to release a children’s book on June 1 about the pitfalls of pride and the importance of humility.

“Pride Comes Before the Fall” is the latest children’s book by Cameron that was published by Brave Books, according to The Federalist. It is the first of several books that will cover the seven deadly sins.

“I struggle with pride. I think we all struggle with pride, especially children. And what makes that struggle even more difficult is when kids see pride being celebrated for an entire month,” Brave Books founder and CEO Trent Talbot said.

“We wanted to give parents a tool to be able to have an important conversation about the topic of pride and humility.”

In addition to the story itself, the book will also have “Brave Challenge,” which includes games and questions for parents to use in instructing their kids about humility.

“Take back your children. God gave them to you, not to the government or the schools or even to your church,” Cameron said.

“Children belong to moms and dads, and it is our sacred duty to nourish their hearts and minds with what is good and true and beautiful and leads to their blessing.”

However, a lot of parents, including Christians, completely gave up on the culture war against leftists. Cameron urged believers to remember Jesus Christ because he was “very outspoken about moral issues.”

“The reason we’re in this mess is because Christians have lost their courage to speak the truth in love… Put your eyes on Jesus, the most humble man in the world,” Cameron said.

“He’s the one who said things like, ‘You brood of vipers!’… ‘You ravenous wolves,’ ‘You blind guides.’”

He then continued criticizing Christians who do not participate in the culture war.

“If you’re not in the fight to preserve a good and healthy future for our children, you’re worse than an unbeliever because this is your sacred duty: to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself,” Cameron said.

“If you’re out of the culture war, then that’s not loving. You’re being complicit to the evil. All that evil needs to advance is for good men to do nothing, so get involved. Be brave. Get a backbone. And follow the most humble man in the world. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

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