Saturday, September 30, 2023

Kari Lake Claps Back at Woke NFL’s Effort to Meddle in Ariz. Election

'If the NFL wants to jam radical left politics onto the field and take the side of criminals, that’s fine...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The woke NFL is attempting to hold a state as a political hostage by threatening to move the Super Bowl to a different venue if Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake wins the upcoming election against opponent Katie Hobbs, MSN reported.

As with similar ultimatums in the past, the professional football league’s demands appear to align directly with the far-left agenda. This time, it is threatening to move the game because Lake intends to try to stop illegal immigration into the border state.

Lake responded with a blistering statement:

“I promise if the NFL takes the side of drug-smuggling cartels and opposes our common-sense border plan, they can find a new place to host the Super Bowl,” she wrote. “If the NFL wants to jam radical left politics onto the field and take the side of criminals, that’s fine.”

She also noted that she is not running for governor in order to take orders from the woke NFL.

“I won’t take marching orders from the NFL. I will serve the people of Arizona,” Lake said in the statement sent by text message to supporters, according to the Liberty Daily.

“Besides, in a game of chicken vs. the NFL, I promise you, I’ll win that game,” she continued. “I don’t care who steps in our way, and I don’t answer to anyone but the people of Arizona. Besides, I don’t think I’ve got to prove that I’m not afraid to step on some toes.”

Lake concluded by noting that she has no desire to let the people of Arizona be commanded by American oligarchs and corporations.

“If sticking one to the billionaires, stopping the border crisis, and keeping Arizona far away from the corruption of Washington sounds good, I’d be honored to have your support.”

The NFL’s threat is only the latest instance of major sports leagues making a mockery of their respective leagues by turning against the majority of their fans.

In 2021, for example, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred pulled the league’s All-Star game from Atlanta because of a supposedly-racist election-integrity reform bill passed by the state.

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