Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Jury Lets Danchenko Skate on Lying to FBI in Russia Hoax Case

'The FBI and Justice Department can NEVER be trusted again... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) In another case of the Biden regime’s two-tiered system of alleged justice, an FBI informant who was paid handsomely to concoct bogus narratives about Donald Trump’s collusion with Russian spies and Kremlin operatives was acquitted Tuesday on all counts of lying to federal agents.

The jury verdict giving Igor Danchenko a free pass marked another setback in Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the FBI’s flawed handling of its own investigation into the debunked Russia collusion hoax, which was driven in large part by then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2020 presidential campaign, abetted by a compliant media and partisan government agents.

Earlier this year, despite strong evidence and compelling testimony, a grossly biased jury let Clinton stooge Michael Sussmann skate for his role in peddling and promoting the Russia lies to the FBI and a complicit mass media.

Danchenko’s case focused on not only the FBI’s role in producing the bogus Steele dossier full of ridiculous allegations against Trump, including the whopper of frolicking with Russian prostitutes at risk of blackmail, but also the agency’s flawed investigation of the dossier that its paid informants fabricated.

The jury’s verdict to acquit would seemingly fly in the face of Danchenko’s own admissions that he was responsible for 80% of the information and data included in the dossier and more than half of the accompanying analysis. But Danchenko, who cried tears of joy when the verdict was read, said he was stunned to learn that those fabrications were presented as facts.

While failing to gain a conviction on any of the five counts facing Danchenko, the trial did further expose FBI incompetence and likely outright partisan handling of the Steele dossier to hurt then-candidate Trump’s campaign and, eventually, his presidency.

In closing arguments on Monday, Durham blasted the FBI for the way it “mishandled the investigation at issue,” claiming that “the FBI didn’t do what they should have done,” according to the Washington Examiner.

But whether the FBI failures resulted because the agency was “simply incompetent” or even “working in coordination” with their former paid source, it shouldn’t absolve Danchenko from his own guilt and culpability.

“The FBI and Justice Department can NEVER be trusted again,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted after the jury’s decision was announced.

The ultimate culprits behind the Trump-bashing scam, critics argued, have never faced any consequences for their actions, from Durham or anyone else.

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