Friday, December 1, 2023

IRS Whistleblower: Hunter Pocketed $8.3M from China, Ukraine; Biden DOJ Obstructed Investigation

'But as we moved closer to the election, it just seemed like they kept putting it on the back burner... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The price for foreign nationals and corporate entities with deep ties to bad actors in Ukraine and China to gain access to the White House and U.S. policy decisions was at least $8.3 million in funds pocketed by Hunter Biden, according to a former IRS supervisory agent turned whistleblower.

On top of testimony and evidence provided to House lawmakers that linked President Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s allegedly corrupt overseas businesses, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley told Fox News that Hunter Biden received about $8.3 million from China, Ukraine and Romania through businesses, most of which were formed after Biden became vice president during the Obama administration.

Shapley, who as supervisory agent oversaw parts of the Hunter Biden investigation, also claimed that there was “no way to recoup” Biden-owed taxes on at least $400,000 of unreported income derived from his shady Burisma business and its dealings.

Those figures could likely be higher, but the investigation was thwarted before all available avenues and evidence were explored. That included directives to avoid asking any questions that involved Joe Biden.

“We weren’t allowed to ask questions about dad, we weren’t allowed to ask about the Big Guy, we weren’t allowed to include certain names in document requests and search warrants,” Shapley said. “So, we were precluded from following that line of questioning.”

Asked directly if the actions “were an effort to protect President Biden and his family”, Shapley replied, “I mean, we were conducting an investigation of Hunter Biden and we were trying to follow the normal process. We were trying to get to the bottom of it.”

Investigators never got that chance, Shapley said.

“Ultimately, you know, if it was going to lead to another individual, you know, we should follow that to determine what was actually happening,” Shapley said.

“But, you know, there were definitely hinderances that I’ve never seen before in my 14 years concerning this investigation that didn’t allow us to follow through on an investigation of any other individual to include President Biden.”

What they were able to discover unearthed a treasure trove of funding funneled to the president’s son.

“Concerning Hunter Biden, I feel like we have a very good grasp on the income flows. It was around $8.3 million from 2014 to 2019,” Shapley confirmed.

When Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked, “From who?”, Shapley’s answer drew a direct line to CEFC, an energy company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, and other businesses in Ukraine and Romania.

“China, from CEFC, came from Ukraine, and from Romania,” Shapley said of the flow of money into Biden coffers, which included at least $400,00 of unreported income from Burisma.

“Hunter Biden was told by his partner, Eric Schwerin, that he needed to amend his returns and he never did,” Shapley told Fox News.

“So, the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office declining those charges, David Weiss requesting special counsel authority and being denied, and then the statute of limitations then expires in November or December of 2022, so, those years are gone. And there’s no way to recoup the money from that Burisma income.”

Hunter Biden negotiated a sweetheart deal with the DOJ earlier this month that would allow him to escape any serious consequence, pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges. A felony charge of lying on a form to buy a firearm was relegated to a pre-trial diversion program.

In addition to the slack plea deal, Shapley said that “the most substantive felony charges were left off the table.”

Contrary to repeated statements from Attorney General Merrick Garland that his Justice Department never interfered or sought to influence the Hunter Biden investigation, Shapley said he “witnessed” the opposite.

“Not only do I remember it crystal clear but I documented it,” Shapley said of U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was leading the investigation, explaining to investigators that he was “not the deciding person on whether or not charges are filed or not.”

Weiss had “requested special counsel authority and was denied,” Shapley said, when efforts last March to charge Hunter Biden were sidelined by the U.S. Attorney for Washington D.C. Matthew Graves.

Shapley said that Weiss and the investigation were “constantly hamstrung, limited and marginalized” by Biden DOJ officials.

“The prosecutors at the time stated that probable cause had been achieved,” Shapley said of efforts to obtain and execute search warrants of Biden-linked locations.

“But as we moved closer to the election, it just seemed like they kept putting it on the back burner and they eventually didn’t allow us to do that search warrant, even though the legal requirements to execute that search warrant were met.” 

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