Saturday, May 18, 2024

IRS Accused of Targeting Election-Integrity Group for Lois Lerner-Style Audit

'The thought police have found a home in the Biden administration... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s militarized Internal Revenue Service  targeted an election integrity group last year under the guise of an audit.

The new investigations, which call to mind the Obama-era IRS audits led by Lois Lerner against members of and organizations adjacent to the Tea Party, subjected the Adams, Baldwin, and Covey Foundation, Inc. nonprofit to a lengthy interrogation regarding its nonprofit status, Just the News reported.

According to ABC Foundation founder Phill Kline, the IRS pestered his organization with numerous accusatory questions.

“Have you held [a] particular position or view on certain issues or topics? If you do, please detail the position or views of your organization,” they asked.

The militarized agency also questioned the ABC Foundation’s commitment to administrative state ideology.

“Do you have any policy/policies or guidance in place to avoid unsupported opinions or conclusions and inflammatory language in the activities? Explain how you ensure that the contents presented in your educational activities are fair and unbiased facts that would permit an individual to form an independent opinion or conclusions based the facts presented.”

In response, Kline noted that the federal government ought to “respect the expression of individuals, particularly those with whom those presently in power disagree,” adding that this task becomes very difficult when “government focuses the exercise of its power on conforming thought and speech to such vague terms as ‘inflammatory language’ as doing so invites the arbitrary and capricious application of governmental power.”

Kline, however, was unwilling to back down to the corrupt agency, noting that he believes the Biden administration to be behind the bureaucracy’s allegedly impartial audit.

According to Kline, the IRS questions are “further evidence that the Biden administration believes it has the authority to license thought and speech, and it doesn’t,” said Kline.

“The thought police have found a home in the Biden administration,” he added.

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