Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Infrastructure Crumbling Due to Biden’s Blunders

'Make no mistake about it---due to months of staffing issues and inefficient scheduling practices we have been operating at a higher than normal operational risk...'

President Joe Biden and his administration have bungled a number of vital economic affairs in a stunning display of incompetence.

Now, as America’s infrastructure decays and its economy declines, it appears that we will soon face the consequences of his decisions.

Last week’s deflating September jobs report showed the weakness of the American economy, which appears to have been directly caused by the president’s new vaccine mandate.

Despite the abundance of jobs—nearly 11 million jobs are now available — millions of Americans have opted to remain at home.

Businesses across the country have faced staffing problems, especially hospitals and healthcare facilities.

“All of our hospitals are saying staffing is a big problem,” Lois Richardson, attorney for the California Hospital Association said. “We have fewer personnel than at the beginning of the pandemic and more patients.”

Yet the jobs report is far from the only bad sign in recent weeks.

Due to a lack of labor and strict COVID protocols, the shipping industry has recently faced a crisis unequaled in recent decades.

“The supply chain is definitely disrupted and has been for some time,” Mario Cordero, the director of the Long Beach, California port told the outlet. “The situation is in a crisis mode.”

Due to supply chain problems and rapid inflation, prices have increased across all sectors.

Even the leftist Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell admitted that the inflation spike has proven to be longer lasting and more severe than anticipated.

“As the economy continues to reopen and spending rebounds, we are seeing upward pressure on prices, particularly due to supply bottlenecks in some sectors,” Powell said. “These effects have been larger and longer lasting than anticipated, but they will abate, and as they do, inflation is expected to drop back toward our longer-run goal 2% goal.”

In response to the nation’s ballooning debt, Democrats have proposed only solutions that would make today’s inflation pale in response.

Just law week they floated absurd ideas, like the creation of trillion-dollar coin.

Further, as winter approaches, natural gas prices have rocketed upward, which will certainly lead to higher utility prices this winter.

Natural gas producers have suggested that investors are unwilling to invest in fossil fuels, as the government continues to embark on a long-running climate change campaign.

“If you are saying, ‘I guess we are going to have low prices forever because we have all these molecules in the U.S.,’ that is part of the story, but without investment, that’s not going to be true,” said Kevin Book, managing director of the research group ClearView Energy Partners.

Labor shortages and government regulation have affected other industries as well.

This past weekend Southwest Airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights, stranding tens of thousands of passengers in a bizarre mess.

Southwest officials blamed air-traffic problems caused by Biden’s Federal Aviation Administration, along with staff shortages.

“Make no mistake about it—due to months of staffing issues and inefficient scheduling practices we have been operating at a higher than normal operational risk,” the corporation’s safety committee told members Saturday.

Many have also suggested that the vaccine mandate caused the labor shortage, which Southwest denied.

“It’s inaccurate,” a Southwest spokeswoman wrote about the labor shortage resulting from vaccine mandates. “There’s a lot of unfounded rumor and speculation circulating.”

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