Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Hundreds of Catholic Protesters Swarm Satan Convention in Boston

'Ignoring Satanism is not going to make it go away... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Satancon, the demonic infestation of Boston, that took place Friday through Saturday, drew heavy protests from freedom-loving Americans, who in turn were slandered by the media.

More than 100 Catholic protesters gathered outside the Marriott Copley Place, where the nefarious event was held, according to the New York Post. One Catholic group that attended the event was the American Society for The Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, according to Catholic News Agency.

As TFP’s YouTube channel demonstrates, the group is known for dressing in suits and sashes on college campuses and confronting the leftist culture. During their protests the group also sings Marian hymns, sings patriotic songs, prays the Rosary, prays the Saint Micheal Prayer and plays the bagpipes.

Their protest in Boston was captured and published on the group’s YouTube page.

The video depicted sharply-dressed and well-groomed young men, bearing signs, singing, praying and speaking against the Satanic infestation of Boston. The crowd included protesters from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, Wisconsin and Massachusetts, present and willing to speak against the event.

“Would it be better to just ignore Satanism?” a member of TFP asked a protester.

“No,” the protester from Connecticut said. “That’s why we’re in the situation we are now. Because people have been ignoring instead of fighting.”

Another protester responded to the same question.

“Jesus didn’t. He battled Satan,” the protester said, while another reasoned that “Ignoring Satanism is not going to make it go away.”

TFP also claimed to have gathered more than 59,000 signatures opposing the event.

Several protesters made signs to communicate the purpose of their presence.

“Satan is evil, Evil has no rights,” read one sign. “Satanism destroys innocence,” another proclaimed. “Satanism is NOT a religion but an attack against God,” read another.

In addition to TFP, a group called Patriot Front was present to protest the Satanic gala, according to the Boston Herald, which, along with a majority of fake news media, took the side of the Satanists by slandering the protesters.

The Daily Beast ran an article headlined “Masked Neo-Nazis Crash World’s Largest Satanic Event.”

Newsweek attacked the Christian and Catholic protestors with an article that bore the headline, “Christians Plan ‘Ambush’ of Satanic Temple’s Convention.”

The Herald, the Boston Globe and Yahoo!, all produced similarly deceptive headlines covering the protests.

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