Friday, May 24, 2024

Eric Holder Says He Won’t Run for President in 2020

‘The party should never lose sight of our primary objective: making sure a Democratic president is sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021…’

Holder blames Republican gerrymandering for unfair districts
Eric Holder/IMAGE: The Daily Show

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) A week after announcing he plans to merge his Democratic gerrymandering operations with President Barack Obama’s campaign arm, former Attorney General Eric Holder said he will not run for president in 2020.

Holder, a self-described Obama “wingman” whose oversight sunk the Justice Department to new depths of partisan bias, will instead focus on his National Democratic Redistricting Committee in its efforts to target red states and “sue til blue.”

“I will do everything I can to ensure that the next Democratic president is not hobbled by a House of Representatives pulled to the extremes by members from [Republican] gerrymandered districts,” Holder wrote in an op-ed piece for The Washington Post.

Holder’s article listed several of the priorities he saw as crucial for the next Democratic president, including the socialist programs endorsed by many of those running.

“We must restructure our economy in a way that promises economic security for the middle class, creates genuine opportunities for upward mobility and attacks the income inequality of this new Gilded Age,” Holder wrote.

He described initiatives such as universal health care, the Green New Deal, open borders, extending the First Step Act into farther-reaching criminal-justice reform and strengthening the Voting Rights Act.

Although none of the provisions outlined in the original 1965 Voting Rights Act, such as literacy tests or poll taxes, have been challenged lately, Democrats euphemistically use the name to refer to their effort to block voter ID laws and allow ineligible voters, such as illegal immigrants, to cast ballots.

Ironically, one of Holder’s first controversies as attorney general was his refusal to prosecute militant members of the Black Panther Party who had been accused of voter intimidation after they were filmed standing outside a Pennsylvania precinct with billy clubs.

Holder, who made history as the first attorney general held in contempt of Congress, also refused to intervene on behalf of police forces during race riots in places like Ferguson, Missouri.

And he extended the Justice Department’s reach into unprecedented areas, such as bullying banks, public schools and universities to cooperate with his political agenda or face increasingly Draconian regulations.

Through it all, the former campaign bundler doggedly chased one core pursuit with surprising candor and transparency: Entrenching power for himself and his fellow Democrats by any means necessary that he could get away with.

Holder reminded his fellow party members to remain focused on this goal despite the likelihood of a contentious and rancorous primary battle in a crowed field of Democratic candidates.

“The party should never lose sight of our primary objective: making sure a Democratic president is sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021. I will do my part to help make that possible,” he said.

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