Eric Holder Inserts Himself into Arizona Audit, Urges DOJ to Be ‘Aggressively Involved’

'Letters are fine, but it has to be followed up with action...'

The former Obama “wing-man” and attorney general known for his aggressive political posturing is now urging his successors to crack down on GOP-led efforts to investigate vote fraud in Maricopa County.

Eric Holder jumped into the Democrat dog-pile over Arizona’s election audit during an appearance Monday on MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow Show, according to MSN.com.

“All the things they are doing now are counterproductive,” he falsely claimed of the state Senate’s forensic investigation into the 2020 presidential election. “They are without basis, and they will hurt, they will harm, our hard-won democracy.”

To be certain, Holder has likely been a behind-the-scenes player in the months of failed resistance by left-wing activist groups, including those with known ties to the Obama administration, billionaire oligarch George Soros and the Chinese communist government.

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To a large extent, their focus has been on winning the public-relations battle by leveraging propagandist mainstream media to try to discredit auditors and cast aspersions on the effort’s underlying motives.

But pending the Arizona findings, several other disputed states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, now appear poised to launch their own independent audits.

Hard evidence of outcome-altering fraud in those three states alone would raise questions about the legitimacy of the Electoral College‘s decision to declare Biden the winner, putting 47 of his 306 total electoral votes under renewed scrutiny. The prevailing candidate must receive at least 270 electors.

With only three pallets of ballots remaining to be analyzed at Phoenix’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, panicking Democrats were hoping for a Hail Mary from the country’s top law-enforcement agency, the Department of Justice.

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Following lockstep with the strategy formulated by leftist election lawyers such as Perkins Coie’s Marc Elias, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela S. Karlan penned a missive last month threatening retaliation in the form of civil-rights litigation.

“Such investigative efforts can have a significant intimidating effect on qualified voters that can deter them from seeking to vote in the future,” Karlan claimed, without evidence.

On the contrary, witnessing widespread, partisan fraud conducted in the open with impunity is more likely to have a deleterious effect on civic engagement than would state officials’ insistence upon a thorough reckoning of the votes.

But with activists’ phony pretenses failing to yield the required outcome, Holder suggested that the time for niceties was coming to an end.

Referring to the Arizona Senate’s legislative oversight as a “fraudit,” he urged the DOJ to become “aggressively involved” in thwarting further efforts to uncover election abuse.

“Letters are fine, but it has to be followed up with action,” Holder said.

Holder’s bullying tactics are nothing new. One of his first acts as attorney general was to implement a new policy of prosecutorial discretion, meaning he refused to back otherwise valid cases that ran counter to the Obama agenda.

He notoriously dropped the Bush administration’s voter-intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party, which had dispatched uniformed, billy-club-wielding members to stand sentry in front of a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election.

Holder would go on to use his office to coerce universities, banks and other supposedly nonpartisan institutions into complying with radical leftist policies.

Since resigning in disgrace after a failed effort to intervene in Missouri’s 2014 race riots, Holder has continued to lower the political discourse with his bombastic rhetoric, often undergirding his partisan attacks on Republicans with the implicitly vague threat of violence.

“When they go low, we kick them,” he notoriously said during an October 2018 campaign stop in Georgia. “That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

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