Saturday, March 2, 2024

Ariz. Dem. Katie Hobbs Spills Drink Trying to Flee from Project Veritas

'That doesn’t do any service to the voters of Arizona to hear from us, where we stand on the issues and how we would govern...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the current Democrat gubernatorial candidate has seen her poll numbers slipping as she continues to dodge difficult questions and avoid a debate with surging GOP contender Kari Lake.

Hobbs was humiliated this week after being unable to explain in a recent interview what lessons she drew from the state’s robust Latino community, made

And she recently ran away from a Project Veritas reporter so quickly that she dropped an entire soda on the ground and left it in order to escape.

“Hi, Secretary Hobbs,” a Project Veritas reporter said, surprising the George Soros-backed official as she sat at a table outdoors.

“How’s it going? Didn’t mean to scare you there,” he continued.

“I need to ask you a brief question about a statement you made,” the reporter continued, before the aspiring governor ran away as fast as possible, leaving a spilled soda in her wake.

“Oh, you’ve spilled your soda,” the reporter noted to Hobbs’s dismay.

The Project Vertias YouTube video includes numerous other Hobbs blunders, shedding light on why Hobbs may be avoiding a debate with Lake.

“I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to talk politics to anyone who I don’t know,” Hobbs said later in the video, seriously calling into question the viability of her candidacy for political office, which will certianly involve talking politics with people she does not know.

According to a previous statement from Hobbs’s campaign manager, Nicole DeMont, Hobbs would prefer to call Lake names from a distance rather than confront her in political discourse.

“Unfortunately, debating a conspiracy theorist like Kari Lake—whose entire campaign platform is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of national ridicule—would only lead to constant interruptions, pointless distractions, and childish name-calling,” DeMont claimed.

Lake even tried to attend one of Hobbs’ town hall events in order to discuss, but Hobbs simply ran away.

When Hobbs herself was asked why she refuses to debate Lake, she noted that Arizonans do not need to hear anything about their political views before voting.

“I have no desire to be a part of the spectacle that she’s looking to create,” Hobbs said. “Because that doesn’t do any service to the voters of Arizona to hear from us, where we stand on the issues and how we would govern.”

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