GOP’s Zeldin Zaps Hochul in N.Y. Governor Debate

'You have people who are afraid of being pushed in front of oncoming subway cars, they're being stabbed, beaten to death on the street with hammers... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Already stumbling in polls for the New York gubernatorial tilt against surging Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin, incumbent Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul did herself no favors during Tuesday’s night debate.

On everything from crime and COVID to abortion, gun control and immigration, Hochul stumbled to provide sufficient answers defending her radical leftist policies that have left the state in shambles.

While seeming to approve of abortion with virtually no restrictions through the sixth month of pregnancy, Hochul evaded any direct answers.

“What we have in New York state is simply a codification of Roe v. Wade,” she said. “My granddaughter does not have the same right that I had to make a determination — in concert with myself, or my doctor if it’s after the sixth month [of pregnancy]. So, we have the same restrictions.”

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Zeldin pointed to the hypocrisy of Hochul’s evasiveness.

“You asked a specific question, whether or not my opponent supports any restriction on abortion,” Zeldin said to the debate moderator. “Of course, she doesn’t answer it — that’s not a coincidence and she didn’t forget.”

Zeldin was equally adept dismantling Hochul’s horrific handling of the COVID crisis, including the incumbent’s despotic vaccine mandates and deadly response to the state’s nursing home crisis.

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“Where was my opponent with the deadly nursing home order and coverup?” Zeldin asked.

“Why aren’t you looking into the transparency and accountability that the families of these thousands of deceased New York families have demanded.

“You had time after time after time opportunities to stand up for these families,” Zeldin said. “But you were silent or complicit, or out to lunch, every time. I don’t know what your excuse is.”

Hochul made no apologies, doubling-down on her vax mandates.

As Zeldin repeatedly ripped Hochul on her support of so-called criminal justice reform that has led to skyrocketing crime, Hochul’s only response was advocating for more gun control and expressing befuddlement over why her Republican opponent wanted to lock-up criminals.

“Kathy Hochul believes that the only crimes that are being committed are these crimes with guns,” Zeldin said.

“You have people who are afraid of being pushed in front of oncoming subway cars, they’re being stabbed, beaten to death on the street with hammers.”

Zeldin reiterated his call for a special legislative session to address the crime crisis and “overhaul cashless bail and these other pro-criminal laws with zero tolerance.”

Hochul responded by claiming that “anyone who commits a crime under our laws, especially with the changes they made to bail, has consequences.”

“All I know is that we can do more, we can do more,” she said.

”I don’t know why that’s so important to you” she admonished Zeldin for wanting to enforce laws and prosecute criminals.

Heading into Tuesday’s debate, RCP’s polling average showed Hochul’s formerly impressive double-digit lead shriveled to 6 points, with the race ranked as a toss-up in the heavily blue state.

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