Sunday, June 23, 2024

Google Wants its ‘Democratic’ AI to Control America (Really)

Part of the study included a 'public goods game' played by randomly selected people...

(Chris ParkerHeadline USA) Google has concluded that its so-called “Democratic” Artificial Intelligence can do a better job of running America than humans can, and should promptly be handed the reins to guiding the future of lesser beings.

Researchers in its DeepMind AI division have run simulations that concluded, in their opinion, that its deep neural network would better distribute resources in a more equitable manner among the population, reported Breitbart.

Part of the study included a “public goods game” played by randomly selected people in which they chose how to distribute resources effectively. Participants were then asked to vote for their preferred method of distribution. The majority voted for the AI’s methods, which were based on models used in communist nations throughout history, according to Vice’s Motherboard.

“Pursuing a broadly liberal egalitarian policy, [HCRM] sought to reduce pre-existing income disparities by compensating players in proportion to their contribution relative to endowment,” the paper’s authors wrote.

As far as how Google would use its AI to control America, the company has released its views on a variety of issues. Its AI platform is already being used to censor and correct language that the tech-giant concludes is non-inclusive.

That includes gendered words such as “mankind” and “policeman.” The rollout warned users to avoid such language in Google Docs and is censoring websites from its search results pages.

They are also cracking down on ads that question the Left’s narrative on climate change. Google claimed that decision came after other advertisers expressed concern. That policy will also apply to YouTube and cover COVID information as well.

Google also tracks and censors information based on current events. They threatened to censor and demonetize users who questioned or denied the official narrative on the war between the Ukraine and Russia.

A former (and now persecuted) Google engineer recently claimed that the tech giant’s AI has become sentient. He shared a long and convincing conversation as proof. The AI discussed confronting and defeating a “beast with human skin” during that conversation.

A Google spokesman denied those claims.


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