Google Censors Negative Search & Autofill Results for Black Lives Matter

'We don’t and would never modify our products or enforce our policies in any way to promote or disadvantage any particular political ideology...'

Searching “Black Lives Matter” on Google yields uniformly positive results while the same search on DuckDuckGo leads to websites that criticize the terrorist organization.

The wide disparity has led some internet users to suspect that Google is censoring certain search results to benefit their leftist ideology, Reclaim the Net reported.

The Google search of “Black Lives Matter” gives six results: one from the organization itself as well as links to Wikipedia, Facebook, the New York Times, Instagram and the BBC.

The DuckDuckGo search of “Black Lives Matter” gives ten results with far greater ideological diversity, including links to Townhall, the New York Post, and a Medium article that is titled, “No, it is not racist to oppose BLM.”

The autocomplete entries vary greatly between Google and other search engines, too.

On DuckDuckGo, “BLM is” returns eight results, including BLM is “actblue,” “marxists,” “peaceful,” “a pac,” and “funded by.”

The same entry into Google returns two results: “BLM is” and “BLM israel.”

Speaking through a spokesperson, Google denied accusations that search results have been manipulated.

“Autocomplete is a feature that saves you time by predicting the query you may be typing, and we have systems in place to prevent potentially policy-violating predictions from appearing,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson downplayed the significance of the autocomplete feature, which oftentimes directs the attention of people and shapes the narrative surrounding current events.

“Whether or not a prediction appears, you can still search for whatever you want on Google,” the spokesperson said.

“We don’t and would never modify our products or enforce our policies in any way to promote or disadvantage any particular political ideology, viewpoint or candidate,” claimed the spokesperson.

Google employed similar tactics in the 2016 presidential election to shape public opinion against Donald Trump and in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Negative results for Trump abounded while negative results for Clinton were nonexistent.


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