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Leftist ‘Victim’ Josh Kruger Allegedly Raped, Drugged & Blackmailed His Teen Killer

'It’s tragic what happened but I feel like my son is a victim in this, as well...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Josh Kruger, a gay reporter from Philadelphia, was reportedly killed by his 19-year-old lover, Robert Davis, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Wednesday.

The Kruger family has brought to light disturbing allegations, claiming that Kruger had threatened to release sexually explicit photos of Davis online, leading to a deadly confrontation.

Moreover, the family alleges that Kruger had drugged Davis, and their relationship had started when Davis was just 15 years old, with Kruger being 35 at the time.

“It’s tragic what happened,” Damica Davis, the 19-year-old’s mother told the Inquirer. “But I feel like my son is a victim in this, as well.” 

A law enforcement official confirmed the existence of unsettling images on Kruger’s cellphone, which have now been sent to the Special Victim Unit for further analysis. 

The tragic series of events unfolded when Kruger was found dead outside his Philadelphia residence, following either a break-in or the admission of an unknown individual into his home. Subsequently, the police identified Davis as a suspect, but he remains at large. 

Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore commented on the ongoing investigation, stating, “I think he could answer a lot of questions if he comes into custody and surrenders,” Vanore said. “It might help us put all this together.”

Damica Davis revealed that her son reached out to her shortly after the police raided their home in search of him. She recounted, “He was scared. He said ‘… He wanted me to do some stuff I didn’t want to do and if I didn’t do it,’ he said, ‘He was going to blackmail me.’” 

Family members were shocked to learn that Davis had been receiving expensive gifts and designer clothing, all allegedly from Kruger. 

At the time, the 19-year-old told family members he was dating a “white woman” who worked for the government. 

When the name “Josh” appeared on Davis’s phone, he claimed it was the woman’s gay brother. 

Damica Davis expressed her family’s confusion, stating, “We’ve only had pieces of everything,” Damica Davis added. “We could never put the pieces together, and now everything is coming out and we see what’s going on.” 

Kruger had worked with the city government from 2015 to 2020, specifically in the Office of Homeless Services. His death has sparked discussions on social media, as he had previously downplayed the rising violent crime rates in Philadelphia. 

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