Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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‘Forever Chemicals’ Linked to Making Dieting Harder, Higher Rates of Obesity

'We’ve actually poisoned the world with them... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recent study by the University of Rhode Island School of Pharmacy revealed that “forever chemicals” injected into drinking water contribute to obesity and difficulties in weight loss.

Author of the study, Dr. Philippe Grandjean, explained that higher concentrations of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are a significant contributor to weight gain.

According to the Daily Wire, researchers suspected that PFAS could also play a larger role in weight loss struggles because of their widespread use.

“The pathogenesis of obesity may be affected by exposure to certain environmental toxicants, such as the perfluorinated alkylate substances (PFASs),” the study read. “Experimental toxicology studies have supported this notion, as PFASs can alter energy metabolism, glucose control, and thyroid hormone homeostasis. Prospective studies have shown that elevated PFAS exposures are associated with weight gain and obesity development in children, as well as in adults.”

Scientists on the study also looked into the effect of other chemicals, discovering that perfluorohexanesulfonic acid and perfluorooctanoic acid—common pollutants also found in drinking water—also cause weight gain.

While there are many other pollutants and chemicals connected to weight gain, PFAS are persistent and active.

“The ubiquity of PFASs is linked to their extensive use in industrial and consumer products, including food packaging, paper and textile coatings, nonstick cookware, and fire-extinguishing foams,” the researchers noted. “Because of differences in sources and in toxicokinetic fate, PFAS exposures seem not to correlate well with other potential obesogens, thus making confounding less likely.”

The Environmental Protection Agency reviewed appropriate levels of PFAS, reaching the conclusion that they are dangerous and should not be consumed in large quantities.

“We’ve actually poisoned the world with them,” Andria Ventura, legislative and policy director at Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund, said.

PFAS are linked to several types of cancers, hypertension, lowering birth rates and immunity issues.

The EPA ruled that they are so dangerous that the organization lowered acceptable levels from 70 parts per trillion to as little as 0.004 parts per trillion—a drop of more than 99.9%.

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