Monday, January 30, 2023
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Female Hockey Player Concussed by Husky, Bearded, Trans Competitor

'Get a stretcher! Get a medic! ... '

(Headline USAA man-to-woman transgender gave a woman-to-man athlete a concussion during a hockey match this week, pushing the biological female up against the wall and forcing her to be rushed to the hospital.

In a clip of the incident, the biological woman who now identifies as a man, Danny Maki, is seen entering the ice and being immediately pushed by the other biological male player. Maki collapses and is eventually escorted off the ice.

One user said the “contact doesn’t look serious on video,” but notes the physical size difference between the players “is so great that the female suffers a concussion.”

Maki later described the collision as an “odd fall” and said she feels OK.

“I’ve been debating if I should post everything about the @teamtransicehockey draft tournament, given the sensitive content, but here goes,” she wrote. “Once out I was playing the puck, and I took a very odd fall into the boards, in which I needed medical attention to make sure my neck and extremities were okay.”

One user noted that Maki’s statement included “no mention of the male player who slammed her into the boards. Women often blame ourselves and provide cover for men when they hurt us.”

Maki was playing for Team Black with only two other woman-to-man transgender athletes when the incident occurred. Team Pink was almost exclusively made up of man-to-woman transgender athletes. Unsurprisingly, Team Pink dominated the game, according to spectators.

“There [was] just an enormous difference in size between the two teams — height, weight, shoulder width, muscles — the differences were plain to even a child,” an audience member told Quillette reporter Jonathan Kay. “I don’t know how the teams were made, but any [fan] could see that this couldn’t possibly be fair, and that someone could get hurt — and someone did.”

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