Sunday, October 1, 2023

Feds Gave Thousands to Newsom-Funded China COVID Lab; Concerns Grow over Site Contamination

'I sure hope and pray we were not exposed from anything that has been there for who knows how long... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) In addition to securing upwards of $400,000 from the administration of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a covert CCP biolab discovered in the Democrat’s home state also received at least $150,000 in federal funding.

The now-notorious biolab was owned and being illegally operated by Prestige Biotech, which took over operations from a bankrupt Universal Meditech. Both companies have extensive ties to CCP officials, the communist government’s United Front espionage network and multiple Chinese drug companies and institutes of virology.

California officials raided the biolab last month and discovered a horror show of hazards, including nearly a thousand dead lab mice, stockpiles of “infectious agents,” including coronavirus, and vials of unidentified biological fluids.

The mice at the black market “unlicensed laboratory,” which received at least $500,000 in state and federal taxpayer funding, “were genetically engineered to catch and carry the Covid-19 virus.”

Biden’s FDA issued a recall warning of 54,000 COVID rapid test kits that the company had manufactured, even as the company was reaping $150,000 from the federal government’s COVID-era Paycheck Protection Program.

“The entire debacle raises a number of questions like: How many of these dangerous biolabs are operating in the US?” wrote Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.

“What does it take to get licensed to mess around with infectious agents? Why are we allowing the sale of sensitive biological materials to shady Chinese firms?” he asked. “What on earth is going on here!?”

The $360,000 in taxpayer loot that Universal Meditech received from Newsom also had dubious timing, along with the origin of the company’s business license, which didn’t cover the biolab’s continued black market operation under Prestige Biotech.

The Chinese-linked COVID lab that was experimenting with mice that “were genetically engineered to catch and carry the Covid-19 virus” received it’s business blessing from the Newsom administration, “exactly one year to the day before Gov. Gavin Newsom’s State of Emergency Order locking down the entire state over the COVID-19 virus.”

Repercussions from the biolab have extended beyond the financial funding fallout, sparking fears, questions and concerns about the efficacy of COVID tests, along with pregnancy tests that were also recalled, that might have slipped through the cracks or been contaminated.

In a report by the Daily Mail, the FDA “did not disclose” how many of the 56,300 unapproved COVID tests “actually made it into the hands of consumers.”

That was of particular concerns to Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, who said photos he had seen of the biolab showed “sloppy” and “slovenly” conditions.

“Could there be in the packaging, also, potentially some surface contamination with an infectious agent? I suppose that’s possible in an environment that’s as extraordinarily bad as this one,” Schaffner told the Daily Mail.

“You cannot imagine that a diagnostic test, which has to adhere to certain performance characteristics, could be produced in an environment that’s so sloppy that you could rely on the results,” he said.

Residents in the Fresno County town of Reedley, meanwhile, took to an online forum to share their concerns in the wake of the Chinese COVID lab being discovered in their backyard.

“I sure hope and pray we were not exposed from anything that has been there for who knows how long,” wrote one resident. “Very very disturbing!!”

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