Friday, March 24, 2023
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FBI Launches Billboard Campaign in Search of Info on ‘US Capitol Violence’

'Outdoor advertisers' willingness to assist in bringing these criminals to justice...is a credit to these organizations...'

The FBI has started a billboard campaign in order to identify and locate the culprits from the protest and violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, multiple news outlets have reported.

An electronic billboard along I-690 in Geddes, New York reads: “Seeking information. U.S. Capitol Violence. Report Tips. FBI.Gov/USCapitol. 1-800-Call-FBI,” Syracuse.com reported.

The same message appears on a billboard at the intersection of Lejeune Road and NW 11th St. in Miami Florida, the Miami Herald reported.

The same message appears on a billboard in Bristol, Tenn. at the intersection of West State Street and Carson Lane, WCYB reported.

Another billboard is in Jonesborough, Tenn. along highway 11E, WJHL reported.

“Following the Capitol riots, agitators left the D.C. area and returned to their home states across the country, as evidenced by the geographic distribution of those already arrested and charged,” wrote Darrell DeBusk, public affairs officer at the FBI’s Knoxville field office.

“By using electronic billboards, the FBI is able to reach the public by using a tool that reaches audiences who might not use social and traditional media,” he said.

The FBI did not establish a national billboard campaign during last year’s domestic terrorism campaign by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, revealing the entrenched partisan agenda in the federal government.

Often the FBI appears inept in its investigations, but when pressed with an ideologically inspired task, the domestic spy agency can mobilize forces with great speed and strength.

“Nationally, digital billboards have greatly aided the FBI’s investigative efforts and, because of the publicity billboards have afforded our cases for more than 10 years, many fugitives were stopped from further victimizing the public,” DeBusk wrote. “Outdoor advertisers’ willingness to assist in bringing these criminals to justice, as well as the speed in which they are able to publicize crucial public safety information, is a credit to these organizations.”

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