Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Facebook Bans Children’s ‘Heroes of Liberty’ Publisher Featuring Reagan, Sowell

'What you'll see at Barnes & Noble in the kids' section is a biography of RuPaul and titles like The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish and Race Cars: A Children's Book About White Privilege... '

Facebook has permanently disabled the ad account for conservative book publisher Heroes of Liberty after the company challenged a temporary ban by Facebook that started just prior to the Christmas holiday, according to Fox News.

Facebook said the publisher “violated the company’s rules against ‘Low Quality or Disruptive Content.’ Facebook originally locked the ads account on Dec. 23, and after Heroes of Liberty appealed the ruling, the company permanently disabled the account,” said Fox News.

The company promotes books about traditional American heroes, such as John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“Children learn by example. Let them walk in the footsteps of giants by subscribing to Heroes of Liberty’s book series. Ages 7-12. One new book every month,” said the company’s website.

Previously, the company said they chose selling directly to parents because getting their books sold by more traditional booksellers was too difficult.

“The philosophical bent of people in the publishing industry is radically far left,” said Heroes of Liberty editor and board member Bethany Mandel told Newsweek.

“What you’ll see at Barnes & Noble in the kids’ section is a biography of RuPaul and titles like The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish and Race Cars: A Children’s Book About White Privilege,” Mandel said. “This is what is being pushed as children’s literature, so we offer an alternative.”

A part of their direct-to-parents sales strategy included heavily spending on the Facebook platform.

“We began investing in Facebook four months before we launched our first book,” Mandel said. “We invested most of our marketing budget on the platform, and now our budget (the money we’ve already spent), as well as our assets and data are gone. Marketing-wise we are back in square one, financially it’s even more challenging.”

Mandel blamed the Facebook ban on “a small but noisy group of responders to our ads who didn’t like the fact we published books about Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Amy Coney Barret,” said Fox.

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