Friday, December 1, 2023

Explosive Exposé: Fox Embraces Radical Gender Agenda, Matt Walsh Says

'Fox Corp is celebrating Pride by encouraging employees to read about 'glory holes,' supporting a group that gives sterilizing hormones to homeless youth...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Matt Walsh, a popular conservative podcast host, has obtained documents from Fox News staff members claiming that Fox Corporation is actively encouraging employees to support LGBTQ organizations aligned with far-left ideology.

Screenshots shared on Twitter on Thursday reveal that Fox is also using artificial intelligence to monitor the company’s efforts towards diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

The screenshots shared by Walsh, who hosts The Matt Walsh Show on The Daily Wire, show a portal motivating employees to read what Walsh called sexually explicit books and urging them to donate to LGBTQ–related organizations. The measures also include initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive environment for LGBT staff.

Among the organizations highlighted by Fox Corporation for donations were the Trevor Project, the Ali Foney Center and the L.A. Angeles LGBT Center. According to Walsh, these organizations promote what he described as radical gender ideology for children and other left-leaning inclusivity measures.

These groups also provide support for LGBT individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. However, one of the books allegedly shared by Fox contains descriptions of sexual acts associated with “glory holes.”

In a now-viral Twitter thread, Walsh lambasted Fox News, a leading conservative news network, accusing it of embracing left-wing ideology. He specifically singled out a Fox employee who shared LGBT-related stories, including one that predicted Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. 

Walsh claimed that not all of Fox’s approximately 10,000 employees were supportive of these LGBTQ-related posts. He pointed out that Fox had experimented with an AI platform called Eskalera, which tracks corporations’ commitment to DEI, suggesting it was an attempt to monitor employees’ adherence to what he referred to as the “cult of DEI.”

According to Walsh, Eskalera analyzes internal data to assess a company’s hiring of alleged marginalized workers. “One of Eskalera’s key functions is to influence decisions involving personnel,” Walsh added in the Twitter threat that have gained over 3 million views. He also said that Eskalera can even calculate the potential “‘attribution cost'” that divisions might face if they fail to promote DEI.

Walsh’s critical report follows The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal revealing an employee manual from Fox News that encouraged workers to use the bathrooms based on their gender identity. The report by the Daily Signal implied that Fox News was succumbing to left-wing ideology, while catering to conservative viewers’ concerns.

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