Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ex-DNI Says ‘More Indictments’ Coming in Durham’s Russia-Hoax Probe

'I'm just saying this was a very coordinated effort, and the more and more the public finds out about the things that I've seen that remain classified, they'll be more and more appalled...'

(John RansomHeadline USA) Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that he expects “lots more” indictments to come down from the Russia-hoax investigation being led by special counsel John Durham.

Appearing over the weekend on the Charlie Kirk Show, Ratcliffe said that given what he’s seen in classified documents that have been yet to be made public, voters could be appalled by what is yet to be disclosed.

“I expect there to be a lot more indictments to be forthcoming from John Durham besides the ones that have trickled out so far,” Ratcliffe told host Charlie Kirk, according to the Epoch Times. “And that’s based upon documents, some of which—many of which—are not yet declassified.”

Ratcliffe has charged that there was a coordinated effort by the Clinton campaign officials, officials at the Democratic National Committee, leftist election officials and others, amounting to a conspiracy that was “wide and broad,” to tar the Trump administration with bogus Russian-collusion charges.

“I’m not saying that every single one of those folks have criminal liability or exposure,” Ratcliffe said, according to the Washington Examiner. “I’m just saying this was a very coordinated effort, and the more and more the public finds out about the things that I’ve seen that remain classified, they’ll be more and more appalled by those efforts in 2016.”

Michael Sussmann, a Clinton campaign lawyer with Perkins Coie, will go on trial in about three weeks for criminal charges related to the Russia hoax.

The FBI said that Sussmann lied to the agency when he failed to disclose that he was representing the Clinton campaign as he dangled discredited intelligence that tied Russia and the Trump campaign together in a plot to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Sussmann has contended that he did not deliberately conceal the fact that he was working for the Clinton campaign when he met with the FBI to disclose suspicions that he said data scientist had about unusual activity between Trump’s computer servers and Russia, according to the New York Times.

However, in recent court filings, Durham has revealed a text message that Sussmann sent to an FBI official the night before his meeting with the agency that explicitly stated that Sussmann was not representing any clients or company when he offered the information to the FBI, bolstering the criminal allegations against him that he was lying, said the New York Times.

“I’m coming on my own—not on behalf of a client or company—want to help the bureau,” Susssmann said in the text disclosed by Durham.

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