Friday, January 27, 2023
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Emails Link Hunter to Penn Biden Think-Tank as Charges Seem Imminent

'Focus on foreign policy. In addition to the institute at U of Penn, the school has an existing office in DC that will be expanded to house a DC office for VP Biden (and Mike, Hunter and Steve?) ...'

(Headline USAFederal charges against Hunter Biden for alleged illegal tax deductions may be imminent, according to the New York Times.

David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware who has been investigating Biden for alleged tax fraud and money laundering, is close to deciding whether to prosecute Biden on charges relating to his late filing of tax returns in 2016 and 2017 and alleged false claiming of at least $30,000 in deductions for business expenses.

Weiss is also reportedly considering charging Biden for lying on a U.S. government form that he filled out to purchase a handgun in 2018. On the form, he denied that he was using drugs when he has already admitted to a severe drug addiction at that time of his life.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings have come under intense scrutiny over the past couple of years, especially insofar as they are connected to President Joe Biden. Emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, for example, suggest the first son was interested in using a Biden-linked thinktank to advance his career.

On April 25, 2016, Creative Artists Agency agent Craig Gering emailed Hunter Biden with “confidential notes from our meeting,” in which Gering listed potential future plans for Joe Biden after he was done with the Obama administration. One of those plans included “wealth creation” with a reference to the Penn Biden Center, a think tank that had not yet been formed.

Gering suggested that if the Penn Biden Center was launched, Hunter Biden might be able to land a job with it.

“The Biden Institute of Foreign Relations at the University of Pennsylvania,” Gering’s email read. “Focus on foreign policy. In addition to the institute at U of Penn, the school has an existing office in DC that will be expanded to house a DC office for VP Biden (and Mike, Hunter and Steve?). Operates like The Clinton Global Initiative without the money raise.”

Hunter replied and said plans for the think tank needed to be kept “confidential” because his father had not yet agreed to the plan.

“Yes,” Hunter replied, “in theory that’s the way I would like to see it shake out— BUT please keep this very confidential between us because nothing has been set in stone and there’s still a lot of sensitivity around all of this both internally and externally. He hasn’t made any decisions and this could all be changed overnight.”

Even if the DOJ does not find that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business plans, or that any of Hunter’s business dealings were worthy of criminal prosecution, congressional Republicans have made it clear that they plan to continue their investigation into the Biden family.

“Now that Democrats no longer have one-party rule in Washington, oversight and accountability are coming,” Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said in a statement this month. “For years, the Biden family peddled influence and access around the world for profit, often at the expense of our nation’s interests.

“The American people must know the extent of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s shady business deals and if these deals threaten national security and his decision-making as president,” he added.

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