Tuesday, November 28, 2023

‘Dr. Drew’: Adam Schiff Ignores Homeless Problem in His District

‘I was watching all the impeachment proceedings and I was going, “Oh my God, our Congress is tied up and we’re dying out here in California…”‘

Famous TV Doctor Fed Up W/Chronic Calif. Homelessness, Might Run Against Useless Adam Schiff
Dr. Drew Pinsky / IMAGE: Fox News via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Dr. Drew Pinsky, a well-known television doctor who considered challenging House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff for his congressional seat, said Schiff is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to the issues facing his California district.

Pinsky made headlines earlier this month when he floated a congressional bid, but while “Dr. Drew” said he is “categorically not running” for Schiff’s seat, he will not ignore Schiff’s negligence.

Dozens of homeless people die every week in Los Angeles County, Pinsky explained, but Schiff seems unconcerned.

“My God, if coronavirus were killing three people a day in our country, do you not think people would be in absolute outrage and panic?” he asked. “But, for some reason, this mental health crisis that is homelessness—because people have mental illness and are living on our streets—somehow we step over them and they die right in front of us.”

Pinsky drafted a bill that was recently introduced in California state senate committees that would “expand the definition of the gravely disabled,” he told Fox News. “So, immediately, family with resources and a bed to put their loved one in could go get them, bring them off the street, and treat them with a change in the definition.”

The former host of “Loveline” said earlier this month that the city, county and state governments are “not functioning.”

And instead of helping fix this problem, Schiff is focus on impeachment, Pinsky claimed.

“I was watching all the impeachment proceedings and I was going, ‘Oh my God, our Congress is tied up and we’re dying out here in California. What are these people doing?’” he said.

The medical professional described himself as “very moderate,” and said he changes his political party affiliation often.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to run for that office at least just to get him to start participating in the governance of this region,’” he said. “Believe me, I don’t want to. I’d have to change my whole life, and I’m not really prepared to do that yet.”

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