Dopey Twitter Mob Demands Boycott of Company That is Unrelated to Their Senate Target

'If he can’t remember her name, how about Madam Vice President?'...

Liberals began demanding a boycott of Perdue Chicken after Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. — who is not connected to the company in any way — mispronounced the name of vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Perdue faced backlash over the weekend after he purposefully mispronounced Harris’s name during a rally for President Donald Trump on Friday.

“The most insidious thing that Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are trying to perpetuate, and Bernie [Sanders] and Elizabeth [Warren] and Kamala — Kah-ma-la, or Kah-mah-la, or Kamala-mala-mala — I don’t know, whatever,” Perdue said.

The senator’s comments were not intentional, according to his office, but that didn’t stop liberals from immediately condemning Perdue as “racist” and “sexist.”

Then, in a strange turn of events, activists dragged Perdue Chicken, believing the company was somehow connected to the senator.

The controversy did help Sen. Perdue’s opponent, Jon Ossoff, who said his campaign raised nearly $2 million after the rally.

Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, also took a shot at the senator during a campaign event on Sunday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Let me help what’s-his-face pronounce this: M-V-P. If he can’t remember her name, how about Madam Vice President?” Emhoff said.


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