Thursday, May 30, 2024

Disney Delays Woke ‘Snow White’ Reboot

'This is clearly a last-ditch effort to save an awful movie that was about to bomb...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) After facing backlash for its upcoming Snow White reboot, Disney delayed it until 2025 to remove everything woke, with the racially diverse “dwarfs” being the most prominent example.

The reason why people started speculating that the reason why Disney decided to redo the whole movie because of the backlash from regular people was because of Disney’s latest announcement regarding the movie, Fox News reported.

“Disney’s Snow White—a live-action musical reimagining of the classic 1937 film—is coming to theaters on March 21, 2025. The film — which stars Rachel Zegler — invites audiences back into the magical world of Snow White with beloved songs and recognizable characters such as the Evil Queen and, of course, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Sleepy and Doc,” the company said.

The initial release date for the movie was March 22, 2024.

Disney tried to cover up the actual reason for the delay by saying that it was all because of the latest SAG-AFTRA strike.

“Get ready for the dominoes to start falling in earnest as studios race to rearrange their 2024 theatrical release calendars amid the ongoing actors’ strike,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Another reason why people started thinking that Disney decided to get rid of everything woke was the brand-new image from the film’s production, in which Rachel Zegler, who plays Snow White, is sitting around seven CGI dwarves that resemble the same characters from the original 1937 animated film.

Previously, the dwarves were played by real people of various sizes, races and biological sexes, so that the company would virtue signal about it avoiding “reinforcing stereotypes.”

Conservatives on Twitter responded to the recent news caused by the pushback from people who got tired of woke narratives.

“They de-wokified the movie in response to the massive uproar over Kathleen Kennedy’s [Disney producer] apparent commitment to DEI and ruination of existing licenses, which caused the company’s stocks to plummet,” Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

The Daily Wire’s Frank Fleming also congratulated conservatives for having a successful backlash over the movie.

“We successfully bullied them into changing the dwarves. It’s Sonic all over again,” he wrote.

Others, like a prominent conservative account End Wokeness, questioned the narrative that the movie was delayed because of the strike.

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