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Diplomat: Biden’s Office Shut Me Down When I Expressed Hunter/Gas Co. Concerns

‘The then-vice president didn’t have the ‘bandwidth’ to deal with the issue involving his son as his other son, Beau, was battling cancer…’

George Kent / IMAGE: News Update Live via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Tuesday’s top-secret congressional testimony from George Kent, an assistant deputy secretary of State, revealed just why House Democrats are so keen to hide their impeachment investigation behind closed doors—it may backfire otherwise.

Leaking Democrats spun Kent’s testimony to the media as being damaging to Trump, but on Friday The Washington Post reported that the career diplomat had raised alarms about former Vice President Joe Biden‘s corrupt Ukraine activities—only to be shut down by Biden’s office.

“Kent said he had concerns that Ukrainian officials would view Hunter Biden as a conduit for currying influence with his father,” the Post reported, citing anonymous sources who were present. “But when Kent raised the issue with Biden’s office, he was told the then-vice president didn’t have the ‘bandwidth’ to deal with the issue involving his son as his other son, Beau, was battling cancer.”

The Post cautioned that the impeachment probe against Trump, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to formally launch with a full House vote, “also threatens to keep alive questions about the former vice president’s handling of his son’s foreign work at a precarious moment for his 2020 presidential campaign.”

It was revealed this week also that the Democrats may hope to maintain their secrecy even more by scheduling a vote to impeach Trump over the Thanksgiving holiday, when it may garner the least public attention, and likely pushing a Senate trial into the Christmas holiday season.

Biden Perpetuates Charlottesville Lie on 'Colbert' Show
Joe Biden / IMAGE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Youtube

Many in the liberal media continue to lay cover for the Bidens, claiming—contrary to evidence—that the accusations of impropriety are “unfounded” as the Post article maintained.

Even so, it was forced to concede that not all of the accusations were meritless simply because the Left decreed them to be.

The article quickly pivoted to a former senior aide of Biden’s, giving him the opportunity to downplay the alarming revelation from Kent.

“I don’t understand what the optics thing means other than someone thinking it looked bad in a political way,” the aide said. “Did it have any effect on U.S. policies, either on what we were doing or what the Ukrainians were doing? … In the aggregate it didn’t have any discernible effect.”

Biden, who has been called out for embellishing and fabricating stories while on the campaign trail, posited a similar argument, claiming they were harmless white lies. By contrast, he said, Trump was guilty of a much worse form of corruption by doing the same thing—but to Democrats.

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