DHS Agent in Portland: Violent Rioters Want to ‘Embarrass’ Trump

'I'm seeing African American [inspectors] being called the N-word to their face for the first time in their careers, by a scrawny, pasty white booger-eating communist...'

A Department of Homeland Security agent stationed in Portland said that violent rioters continue to attack federal officers and buildings to “embarrass” the Trump administration and drive them away.

“As the night goes on, the rioters become so hateful it is surreal. Their voices hoarse, their sentences jumbled, they seem almost catatonic with hate,” the agent told the Center for Immigration Studies.

“A totally surreal experience,” the agent continued. “You get large, nonviolent demonstrations where people march, they chant, they give speeches, then shortly after are replaced with a smaller crowd, though still large, who immediately start trying to break into and destroy the federal courthouse.”

The rioters are motivated by “their hatred for the president and for law enforcement,” the agent continued, and they’re taking out that hatred on “the physical structure of the federal courthouse, and the uniformed personnel whose job is to protect that courthouse.”

The Trump administration sent more than 100 DHS agents to Portland after rioters began targeting the federal courthouse. Democratic city officials have tried to force the administration to leave, but the administration has made it clear that officers will not leave until the violent attacks stop.

“It is not a solution to tell federal officers to leave when there continues to be attacks on federal property and personnel,” U.S. Attorney Billy Williams told a telephonic news conference this week. “We are not leaving the building unprotected to be destroyed by people intent on doing so.”

The DHS agent said that rioters throw “homemade Molotov cocktails, try to set the walls on fire, try to cut and pry through the plywood covering the glass walls,” and that when DHS personnel are visible, “they throw frozen water bottles at them, canned goods, pant, and gasoline.”

“Some of the things screamed at us, ad nauseum: ‘Go home! You’re Nazis, racists, the Gestapo! F— you, f— your mom, you suck! Quit your job and go f— yourself! I’m going to get all your f—ing names!’” the agent told CIS.

“I’m seeing African American Federal Protective Service inspectors, 20 year’s [a] law enforcement officer, being called the N-word to their face for the first time in their careers, by a scrawny, pasty white booger-eating communist s***head,” said the agent.

Federal officers have no choice but to remain in Portland and maintain order because “if federal law enforcement leaves, we lose face … Portland wins,” the agent continued.

“They get to say they defeated Trump, and they will have caused tens of millions of monetary loss to their downtown local businesses, and will have ransacked and torched a courthouse in the heart of their city.”


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