Saturday, September 23, 2023

DeSantis Goes ‘Top Gun’ Savage on Fake News Media

'Number two, never ever back down from a fight... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Upset with his popular efforts to save Florida from an onslaught of leftist agendas that promote everything from the divisive dogma of critical race theory to radical LGBT grooming propaganda, the mainstream media has gone out of its way to distort and misrepresent the policies of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In the wake of a judge’s ruling earlier this month that Florida’s Stop WOKE legislation, which would prohibit racist and Marxist so-called diversity training in workplaces, was not constitutional, DeSantis dropped a savage campaign ad defending his track record and blasting a corrupt media for spreading disinformation for partisan gain.

The video showed DeSantis doing his best Maverick impression from the movie hit Top Gun sequel, with his sights locked on the media.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your Governor speaking,” DeSantis kicked off the ad. “Today’s training evolution: dogfighting. Taking on the corporate media.”

DeSantis offered three tips for dealing with fake news media, harvesting clips from actual encounters the governor has had with reporters and having to correct the error of their biased ways.

“The rules of engagement are as follows: Number one, don’t fire unless fired upon, but when they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force,” DeSantis advised in the ad.

“Number two, never ever back down from a fight,” DeSantis said. “Number three, don’t accept their narrative.”

DeSantis seemed to take his own advice during an interview with Blaze Media, when he fired back at a narrative being pushed by leftists about the necessity for radical ESG —environmental, social and governance — standards and guidelines for corporations and businesses.

“The melding of corporate power and government power has traditionally been what fascism has been defined as,” DeSantis said, referencing ESG guidelines as “an attempt to impose policies on society through corporate power – policies that cannot win at the ballot box.”

“In Florida, we will not allow policies to be subcontracted out to corporate elites,” DeSantis said.

The same holds true for corporate media, according to the maverick governor’s latest drop.

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