Friday, January 27, 2023
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Denver Post Encourages Readers to Donate to Pro-Abortion Funds

'This isn’t journalism, this is far-left activism... '

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Colorado‘s newspaper of record, The Denver Post, engaged in open pro-abortion political activism, and editors have not removed the story or apologized.

In a news article, the alleged newspaper advertised abortion providers, directed Coloradans to “fundraising sources” that help women terminate their pregnancies, and advised them to seek “legitimate clinics” and avoid “crisis pregnancy centers” that steer women away from abortions, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Post reporter Conrad Swanson also added a link in the article to secure.actblue.com, the Democrat Party’s primary fundraising platform.

In his article, Swanson quoted a Planned Parenthood official and several pro-abortion activists, but he did not include a single pro-life viewpoint, even though the paper’s ethics policy states that a “strong sense of fair play must imbue our writing.”

The Denver Post‘s ethics policy further directs “newsroom employees to remain impartial in political discourse when representing the newspaper.”

Swanson interviewed pro-abortion leaders who ensured Coloradans that abortion would remain legal in the state even if the Supreme Court quashes Roe v. Wade.

In a tweet, Swanson sought to remind readers that “legality is not the same thing as accessibility.”

The article encouraged Colorado’s leaders to fund more abortion centers so that women do not have to travel to abort their child.

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