Dems Who Cheered DOJ’s Trump Smears Now Claim ‘Devastating Consequences’ if Biden Probed

'In carrying out this critical national security mission, law enforcement’s handling of this matter must be above politics and beyond reproach...'

Senate Democrats tipped their hand in a letter to FBI Director Christoper Wray on Thursday, revealing their terror over the political fallout of a major Biden scandal while continuing to wage a disinformation campaign to discredit the mounting evidence.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-NY, menacingly warned Wray that any effort to analyze or investigate the contents of a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden would be condemned as a partisan affront since doing so might further validate the explosive, potentially campaign-ending allegations that have arisen.

“In carrying out this critical national security mission, law enforcement’s handling of this matter must be above politics and beyond reproach,” they insisted.

“We therefore urge you to resist pressure from President Trump and other partisan actors to take any actions intended to benefit President Trump politically on the eve of the election,” the letter continued. “Succumbing to such pressure would deeply undermine our national security interests and the credibility of law enforcement, and could have devastating consequences for the resiliency of our democracy.”

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Among the many story lines emerging from the trove of evidence is that current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was deeply involved in his son’s business dealings and expected to receive a cut of the profits in return for leveraging his political clout during the Obama administration.

Most notably, emails revealed that the former vice president received a 10 percent stake in a joint capital venture involving several of his family members and one of China’s largest energy companies.

The evidence also indicated that Biden was well aware of his son’s position with Ukraine’s Burisma energy company and met with an official from the company—despite longstanding concerns over corruption,  while he was ostensibly overseeing ‘anti-corruption’ efforts in Ukraine.

Biden later forced the prosecutor investigating Burisma’s corruption to be fired by threatening to withhold a billion-dollar US loan guarantee.

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Private text messages also revealed that Joe Biden was aware of a highly inappropriate relationship between Hunter and a relative, believed to be the 14-year-old daughter of then recently-deceased Beau Biden.

Hunter entered into a two-year relationship with Beau’s widow following his brother’s death. However, an exchange between him and his father suggests that he was unwelcome in the family home due to his tendency to engage in nude Face Time sessions with underage girls online.

Sexually suggestive photographs—including topless photos—of his teenage relative were allegedly uncovered on Hunter’s computer, according to Rudy Giuliani, who received the recovered hard-drive data from a Delaware computer technician.

Joe Biden has faced similar accusations of sexual impropriety with women and young girls, including a credible rape accusation involving a former congressional staffer, Tara Reade, which mainstream media likewise sought to discredit as lacking in substance.

Although evidence has shown that Hunter Biden brought in the laptop device, and that the FBI later took possession of it for a forensic analysis, Schumer and Wyden continued to claim, without evidence, that it was all part of a Russian plot to disrupt the November election.

“The attempts by President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and others to perpetuate narratives about the supposed Hunter Biden materials closely track a longstanding effort of Russia and its proxies to amplify false and misleading allegations and themes to denigrate former Vice President Biden and benefit President Trump’s reelection bid,” the senators claimed.

“As is widely known, Mr. Giuliani for years has partnered with Kremlin-linked individuals in an effort to manufacture dirt on the former Vice President,” they added.

Ironically, the two Democrats both virulently defended specious allegations and investigations into President Donald Trump that leveraged the full weight of the Justice Department, despite having a far more tenuous factual basis than the Biden scandal.

During Trump’s January impeachment trial for asking Ukraine to investigate the very corruption that Hunter Biden’s laptop now provides evidence of, Schumer held regular press conferences denouncing the president and claiming he had abused his office.

Yet, after tirelessly demanding his GOP colleagues to deviate from constitutional norms by calling new witnesses to give testimony during the Senate impeachment trial, Schumer seems to show little interest in discovering the truth when the political outcome favors Trump.

Wyden, meanwhile, faced accusations last year that he had abused his office—specifically, his seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee—by falsely claiming he had seen classified proof of collusion between Trump and Russia that would corroborate the now-debunked Steele dossier.

“There is no longer a question of whether this campaign sought to collude with a hostile foreign power to subvert America’s democracy,” he lied.

Such misleading claims helped fuel the two-year, $30+million Mueller investigation, which Democrats campaigned heavily on during the 2018 midterm election.

But after the Mueller probe failed to produce any evidence linking Trump to Russia, Wyden doubled down, insisting via a spokesperson that Trump’s supposed business ties to Russia while a private citizen still justified the tax-funded smear.

“Senator Wyden has focused consistently on questions of following the money and unraveling the sticky web of connections between the Russians and Donald Trump’s business organization, his family and his campaign,” said the spokesperson.

In fact, Wyden called on the fishing expedition to continue even after Mueller had concluded his work.

“Despite Trump apologists’ best efforts to intimidate elected members of Congress from conducting constitutionally mandated oversight, the indictments and other documents released by Robert Mueller revealed a troubling but incomplete look at those links,” his spokesperson said.

“Furthermore, Senator Wyden has been concerned with follow-the-money issues because financial entanglements can present an ongoing counterintelligence concern,” said the staffer. “If Trump has financial entanglements with Russians, our national security could be at risk.”

One reason why the senators may be so fearful of shedding light on Biden’s foreign conflicts of interest, which also would raise security concerns involving China, Russia and a litany of other bad actors: They, themselves, may be implicated.

Schumer’s name surfaced in the emails about the China scandal, for which Jim Biden (Joe’s brother) identified him—alongside Biden’s current vice-presidential running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.—as one of several “key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.”

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