Monday, March 20, 2023
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POLL: Majority of Democrats Willfully Ignorant of Bidens’ Ukraine Scandal

‘My Republican colleagues’ silence seems unsustainable and inexcusable, given the threat to our national security as well as the integrity of our democratic institutions…’

Joe Biden and Donald Trump / IMAGES via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) As facts continued to derail the narrative on House Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, left-wingers tenaciously denied their own guilt while pointing fingers at the president—largely due to willful ignorance and brazen deceptions.

A poll on Saturday revealed that a sizable portion of Democrats was shrugging off the revelations about former Vice President Joe Biden‘s coercion of corrupt Ukrainian officials to fire their top prosecutor.

According to Morning Consult, 55 percent of party loyalists said the scandal would have no impact on their vote.

Biden publicly confessed at least once—during a January 2018 panel with the Council on Foreign Relations—that he had threatened to withhold a billion-dollar loan guarantee if prosecutor-general Victor Shokin wasn’t fired amid an investigation into the Burisma energy company, which had Biden’s son Hunter on its board.

Circling the Wagons

Bursima hired Hunter Biden as he was facing a dishonorable U.S. Navy discharge for failing a drug test. He later acknowledged his longtime struggles with drug abuse, during which he admitted he had been held at gunpoint while buying crack off a homeless man.

The younger Biden son was busted by police for cocaine possession at least once—although no charges were filed. He also allegedly solicited prostitutes before divorcing his wife to marry his brother’s widow and is accused of having sired a child with a third woman.

Despite his having no experience in Ukrainian politics or energy policy, Burisma reportedly paid Hunter a pittance of $50,000 a month to be on its board.

While 15 percent of Democrats said the ethically compromising family situation would make them less likely to support Joe Biden’s candidacy, another 13 percent, bizarrely, said the former Democratic front-runner being implicated in a Ukrainian pay-to-play scandal made them more likely to vote for him.

The limited availability of factual reporting within the liberal media is one primary culprit.

Ukraine Prosecutor Reviewing Cases on Gas Firm That Hired Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden/IMAGE: CNN via YouTube

“In the latest survey, roughly a quarter of voters said they’d heard ‘a lot’ about Biden’s son working with the Ukranian company and the former vice president’s push for Ukraine to fire the prosecutor,” Morning Consult said, noting that Republicans were 8 to 10 points ahead of Democrats in reporting an awareness about the scandal.

Many left-wing dispatches misleadingly cite disputed claims and biased ‘fact-checks’ to assert that “no evidence” exists implicating the Bidens in misconduct while brushing off the details as mere allegations from Trump and his allies.

“Our reporting and the public record of these events confirm that the Ukrainian company was not being investigated by the general prosecutor during the relevant time period,” John Daniszewski, the standards editor for the Associated Press, told Liberty Headlines in an email.

“President Trump’s oft-repeated charge is that the elder Biden must have acted corruptly in seeking to oust Shokin in order to aid his son’s company,” Daniszewski asserted. “But neither he nor his supporters have shown any substantiation for that accusation.”

However, considerable documented evidence reveals the scope of Burisma’s efforts to lobby for influence with the Obama administration—including through its carefully curated board of left-wing influence-peddlers—while also debunking Biden’s claims that he and his son never talked shop.

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

Liberal Media Losing the Effort to Dupe Public on Ukraine 2
Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings / IMAGE: ABC News via Youtube

Meanwhile, even with little evidence having been presented publicly to support impeachment claims against President Donald Trump, the left-wing media continues to harangue Republicans to explain their hesitancy to denounce him.

“Across the country, most GOP lawmakers have responded to questions about Trump’s conduct with varying degrees of silence, shrugged shoulders or pained defenses,” claimed far-left MSN. “For now, their collective strategy is simply to survive and not make any sudden moves.”

In most circumstances, reserving judgment until evidence has been presented would be the norm, but following the same plan of attack deployed in their failed attempt to smear Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Left has again given short-shrift to notions of due process.

A majority of House Democrats already have come out in favor of filing impeachment charges against Trump, even lacking the evidence of a crime, and without ever having voted to initiate an investigation.

“My Republican colleagues’ silence seems unsustainable and inexcusable, given the threat to our national security as well as the integrity of our democratic institutions,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who had long pressed, with little success, for his own investigations and lawsuits into Trump’s finances that he hoped would yield dirt on the president.

Ironically, the anonymous whistle-blower allegations—that Trump threatened to withhold U.S. financial support from Ukraine if its prosecutors failed to support his administration’s investigative priorities—closely paralleled those against Biden.

But while Biden is on tape acknowledging and boasting about the pressure he exerted on a prior Ukrainian administration, a top U.S. envoy to the eastern European country denied in a closed-door congressional hearing last week that it sought any campaign dirt on Biden.

Former special envoy Kurt Volker also disputed the claims that Trump’s withholding military aid to Ukraine was linked with its pressure to investigate concerns over Biden or other Ukrainian attempts to collude with Democrats in the 2016 election.

Volker’s testimony last week—along with testimony from Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson—came under tight security, a level ordinarily reserved for discussing highly classified information.

Nonetheless, House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., selectively leaked snippets of Volker’s text message transcripts to misleadingly suggest that Ukrainian diplomatic officials had questioned Trump’s judgment.

It was one of several recent efforts by Schiff—who is leading the impeachment investigation—to distort the record. On Friday, he received four “Pinocchios” from The Washington Post for having lied about his advance knowledge of the whistleblower complaint against Trump.

MSN spun it thusly while framing the issue as one of many pressures being faced by Republican leaders in forming their response to the impeachment claims: “The president’s allies on talk radio, Fox News Channel and elsewhere in conservative media have been abuzz with conspiratorial talk of a ‘deep state’ coup attempt and accusations that [Schiff] and House Democrats are corrupting the impeachment process.”

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