De Blasio Ripped for Dancing in Times Square as NYC Suffers

'They don’t care about you and they never have!'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was slammed by critics for dancing in the street on New Years Eve in a nearly desolate Times Square.

In 2020, people like Bill DeBlasio killed your small business and locked you inside your home,” wrote Ohio Sen. Michael Rulli.

“In 2021, they’re dancing in the streets closed off to the public, open ONLY for the politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and the media,” he continued. “They don’t care about you and they never have!”

The tone deaf mayor appeared to rub it in for viewers stuck watching at home.

“Tonight is going to be very special,” de Blasio told reporters before the event, according to Just the News.

“Don’t believe any doubting Thomases that say because there’s not going to be a million people or more in Times Square that it’s not going to be special,” he continued. “It’s going to be actually arguably the most special, the most poignant, the most moving New Year’s Eve. Everyone, watch it on television, don’t go down there. Watch from home.”

De Blasio has been harshly criticized throughout the pandemic for his mismanagement, and he is only the latest to join a long list of Democrat leaders harshly criticized for applying a different standard to themselves.

Even CNN host Andy Cohen, appearing a bit drunken on camera, got in on the roast.

Some also noted the stark contrast between America’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in lockdown and the large gatherings in Wuhan, where the virus started just over a year ago.

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