Daily Beast Writer Gets OWNED for Accusing FOX Host of Doctoring AOC’s ‘Googly Eyes’

'Word of advice---if you don't want to be IT, make sure you don't send out factually inaccurate tweets that can be easily verified and debunked...'

Much of left-wing Twitter exploded with Democrats’ fake outrage over a short-lived Cancun trip by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Among those helping the non-story to spread was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, who attempted to clout-chase off of Texas’s fluke winter weather by organizing wellness call check-ins.

Of course, the Bronx-based, socialist “Squad” member’s concern for citizens in the Lonestar State seemed incidental to the effort, the latest chapter in her irrational obsession over Cruz.

But amid all the social-media publisher’s fake outrage was the very real outrage that one partisan-hack experienced while thinking that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had doctored a photo to make AOC’s eyes appear more googly, Twitchy reported.

That real outrage was over an allegedly fake photo, that turned out to be a very real photo, nearly short-circuiting the left’s meta-outrage-o-meter in the process.

Carlson had called the congresswoman to task on his show for claiming that the Green New Deal would have prevented widespread power outages in fossil-fuel reliant Texas during the recent blizzard.

Daily Beast contributor Justin Baragona, who maintains a verified Twitter account, then attempted a “gotcha” moment while scouring Carlson’s nightly broadcast for things to be outraged about.

But a look at the facts prompted him to stealthily remove the tweet shortly thereafter.

By then, it was already too late, as he already had been called out and screen-shotted.

Some conservatives had their own Twitter field day after the attempted attack on Carlson quickly ricocheted back in his direction.

Baragona later acknowledged the awkward mistake and said he would “take the L” for it.

He even offered advice to his loyal left-wing following on how they might avoid the same mistake—although it is sure to go unheeded.


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