BLM Grifter Patrisse Cullors Awarded Contract for at Least $238K to Her Baby Daddy

'To maintain public trust, it is vital that leaders not only avoid any impropriety in practice, but also avoid the appearance of it...'

Black Lives Matter co-founder and executive director Patrisse Khan–Cullors awarded her baby daddy’s company at least $238,000 to be the “lead developer of the art & cultural efforts,” the Daily Caller reported.

Damon Turner, who fathered Cullors’s only child, formed the company Trap Heals a few days before he partnered with the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Cullors also operates two other activist organizations that funneled $238,000 to Turner’s company in exchange for consulting services and the production of an election-night livestream.

When Cullors and Turner mentioned their high-dollar collaborations, they did not disclose that they had a child together.

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Turner admitted that Cullors actively facilitated the partnership between BLM Global Network Foundation and Trap Heals in an interview with Tre Borden on “What We Gon Do?”

Laurie Styron, the executive director at the watchdog group CharityWatch, said a nonprofit director should not have a personal role in hiring a company for services if she has a relationship with the company’s owner.

“To maintain public trust, it is vital that leaders not only avoid any impropriety in practice, but also avoid the appearance of it,” Styron said.

“In other words, even if the consultant or vendor hired is the best one for the job, if that vendor has a personal relationship with the leader who hired them, additional steps should be taken to prove to the public that this arrangement is in the best interest of the charity and was made at arm’s length,” she added.

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The Daily Caller News Foundation uncovered this information by reviewing interviews, archived websites, business records, and campaign finance disclosures .

Cullors has a history of using BLM Global Network for self-serving ends. She used the organization’s massive financial success to purchase four luxury homes across the country that cost $3.2 million.

Another one of her organizations, Dignity and Power Now, which advocates for releasing prisoners, has delinquent tax filings in California.

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