Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Cruz Says Media ‘Obsessed’ w/ Cancun Trip Because of ‘Trump Withdrawal’

'They don't know what to do with themselves...'

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, blasted the media’s “obsession” with his recent trip to Cancun and said it’s a symptom of the Left’s “acute Trump withdrawal.”

Cruz, who faced extreme criticism last week for traveling with his family to Cancun, Mexico amidst Texas’s historic winter storm and power grid failures, said the media became fixated on his actions because they can’t obsess over former President Donald Trump any more.

“I will say, to venture into practicing medicine, that I actually want to diagnose the media. The media is suffering from acute Trump withdrawal, where for four years every day, they could foam at the mouth and be obsessed with Donald Trump, and now that he has receded from their day-to-day storyline, they don’t know what to do with themselves,” he told conservative radio host Dana Loesch.

While the trip “was dumb to do,” Cruz said he was just trying to be a good father by getting his children out of the state.

“I was trying to be a dad and take care of my family, and I think all of us across Texas were taking care of our families,” he explained.

Cruz also pointed out how hypocritical the media’s coverage of him was compared to how little coverage New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus death toll cover-up received.

“I think the conduct of Andrew Cuomo’s administration is deeply concerning. … His aides have admitted to that they were actively lying about these policies,” Cruz said. “The mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it at all. You know, Chris Cuomo wants to play footsie with his brother and have a hugfest because CNN doesn’t want to cover news, and nobody else covers it. Our media should leave the game of politics and being partisans and actually be journalists and cover the news.”

But the media no longer wants to report the news, Cruz said.

“Donald Trump broke the media, and so they don’t want to do that,” he concluded. “They just want to engage in political attacks.”

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